ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

You can earn money if you promote ClickFunnels products to your website’s visitors or contact list.

Takeaways from

  • Anyone can use ClickFunnels 2.0, whether they have a subscription or not
  • Everyone starts at 30% commission
  • Minimum payout is $100

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program at a Glance

Commission 30% (General Affiliate)
Payout Date Every month, the 1st and 15th day of each month.
Minimum Payout $100 per 120 days

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program allows you to generate recurring income by promoting ClickFunnels products that you love and use.

How do I become a ClickFunnels Affiliate 2.0?

ClickFunnels is open to anyone, regardless of whether they already have an account with ClickFunnels.

Step 2: Click here for the ClickFunnels 2.0 affiliate program.

Click the blue “Sign Up to Promote CF2.0!” button. button.

Step 3. Enter Your Name, Email, , and your Phone Number. Click the blue Join as an Affiliate button.

Note: If you have an existing ClickFunnels account, and you wish to use that account with the affiliate program, please use the same email address you use to login to your ClickFunnels account.

Step 4 : Click on the orange/red button to go to the affiliate portal

Step 6: After logging in, you’ll be directed to a page that asks for your ClickFunnels Affiliate Program login information. Enter your email address, and then click the Request Magic Link to receive an email containing a login link.


Click on or Login with Password.

Enter your email and password, and then click the black Login button.

Step 7: You should be directed to the Affiliate Center. If it does not load, select the icon located in the upper-right corner of ClickFunnels account.

Step 8:You will see a list of items you must complete. Click on Set up Payments.

Step 8 : Click Tipalti.

Step 9 Enter the information requested by Tipalti. Addresses, payment methods and tax information.

Step 10 : Return to your Affiliate Centre and click Accept Affiliate agreement.

Step 11 – Click on the Accept agreement button.

Step 11 : Review Affiliate Agreement, and click accept.

What are the ClickFunnels 2.0 affiliate program commissions?

ClickFunnels has only one affiliate type and no tiers. All affiliates start with a 30% commission.

When does the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program pay out?

Affiliates can receive payments on the first and 15th day of each month.

Note!Once your commission reaches $100, you must provide ClickFunnels a W-9 or W-8 tax form in 120 days.
Warning!According to the Affiliate Agreement, ClickFunnels won’t pay you your commissions if they don’t exceed $100 in a period of 120 days.

How do I make money with the ClickFunnels 2.0 affiliate program?

You can access the Affiliate Centre by clicking on the menu to the left of the screen. Scroll down to Active campaigns. This section allows you to confirm the campaigns that are available for promotion and obtain your links.

Some available campaigns may be:

These links can be placed on your website or within your email campaigns. This will encourage both your contacts and website visitors to buy the ClickFunnels products that the link leads them to.

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