ClickFunnels Payment Gateways

Online business today is all about capturing and keeping the consumer’s attention, and then converting this interest into a desire for a purchase.

However, traditional marketing strategies are not able to produce profitable results on digital platforms.

Online sales funnels allow business owners to move from Lead generation into money in the bank.

ClickFunnels and integrated payment gateways are the best way to achieve this.

The Best Payment Integrations for ClickFunnels

Payment gateways can help virtualize and encrypt the processing for online credit or debit cards transactions, while reducing fraud risk.

Stripe and PayPal have the highest usage, but there are other options.

When choosing the right payment integration service for you business, consider the following factors:

  • Secure user data with robust encryption
  • Cybersecurity components that are up to date and fraud detection
  • Invoice function built-in
  • Integrate easily with existing software
  • Fast transaction processing and user-friendly interface
  • Reporting features that can be customized
  • Automated recurring payments management allows for the selection of payment options
  • Affordability of fees

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Processing Fee

  • Card transactions are charged 2.9% plus $0.30
  • International Cards – 1%
  • Currency conversion + 1%

To avoid additional exchange fees, you can pay in one of more than 135 native currencies.

Discounts for multi-products and volume discounts are also available.

Payments accepted

Stripe offers a variety of payment options by using Payment Element.

Current payment options include major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa as well as integrated wallet services Apple Pay Google Pay PayPal and others.

Best for

Stripe is the best option for online businesses that want to make transactions quickly and cheaply.

Top Benefits

  • Customer retention can be improved
  • No monthly fees or setup costs

How to connect Stripe with ClickFunnels

You can connect to Stripe in 12 simple steps:

  1. Login to your ClickFunnels Account
  2. Open a new tab to sign in to your Stripe Account
  3. ClickFunnels’ main menu will appear. Select Account Settings.
  4. Choose Payment Gateways from the list (on the left side of your screen).
  5. Click “+Add a New Payment Gateway.”
  6. Select Stripe
  7. Create a Stripe account
  8. Name the newly-integrated Stripe account
  9. By clicking the switch on the right, you can choose to default to your Stripe Account.
  10. Create a Stripe Account
  11. Connect with Stripe
  12. Click Connect my Stripe account

Apple Pay and Android Pay

Processing Fee

Apple Pay Android Pay
Debit Cards Apple users: Free Enjoy Free Shipping
Credit Cards 3% 2.9%

Acceptance of Payments

Apple Pay and Google Pay both accept payments via credit cards, debit card, e-money or carrier billing. Apple Pay accepts Apple Card, gift cards and Apple Card payments.

Best for

Apple Pay is the best way to pay on apps and websites that are partnered.

Google Pay (formerly Android Pay), is the most flexible method of payment, regardless the recipient’s mobile phone.

Top Benefits

  • Apple Pay: Secure, off-line transactions without extra charges (login required to Apple ID)
  • Google Pay: improved safety/in-app purchase/mobile banking integration

How to connect Apple Pay or Google Pay with ClickFunnels

You can connect to Apple Play or Google Play in 13 simple steps:

  1. Apple Pay can be accessed via Safari
  2. Google Pay is now available on Chrome for Android Users
  3. Already have an Apple Pay/Stripe account?
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions by logging in to your Stripe account
  5. Add Apple Pay Domains to Gateway Settings in Account Settings
  6. Update Stripe Account
  7. Add domain exactly the same way as ClickFunnels (via Stripe dashboard).
  8. Click on the Select Payment Method option in the Go to Settings menu.
  9. Click Eligible – select + Add Apple Pay Domain
  10. Choose Add an element – Add ApplePay to the Order Form Page of your domain
  11. Select Android/ApplePay
  12. Save your settings
  13. Both Android and Apple Pay have the same settings


Processing Fee

  • Keap Grow: $70 per month
  • Pro: $149 per month
  • Infusionsoft – $199 per month

The quoted fees are based upon 500 contacts per user. A 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee is added to each quote.

Payments accepted

Keap accepts payments from all major credit and debit cards. PayPal, WePay and Stripe are also acceptable options for payment.

Best for

Keap offers a fully automated and simplified solution for marketing, ecommerce, customer relationship management, available in a single program.

Top Benefits

  • Cloud-based CRM Security with Failover Capability
  • Mobile access interface that is easy to use
  • Growing businesses need a functional customer service support system

How to connect Keap with ClickFunnels

Keap is easy to connect. Here are 17 steps.

  1. Secure your Keap Account and Payment gateway
  2. Keap Dashboard
  3. Select Nav menu – add Default Merchant Account Settings
  4. Select the E-commerce option and select Settings.
  5. Select Order Settings
  6. Then select Orders
  7. Click on Default Merchant Account for Manual Orders
  8. Select the Account
  9. Save your settings
  10. Keap icon in the upper left corner allows you to collect your API key.
  11. Click Settings (under Admin, on the far left).
  12. Enter the API Passphrase when selecting Application
  13. Save money
  14. Click on Account Settings and then Payment Gateways to connect Keap to ClickFunnels.
  15. Select Infusionsoft V2 as the new payment gateway.
  16. Connect with Infusionsoft
  17. When prompted, click “Allow”.


Processing Fee

PayPal calculates its processing fees based on domestic payments, territorial rates and fixed rates according countries. Short:

  • Country/territorial : 3.4% + fixed fees
  • QR (above EUR10,01): 0,9% + fixed fee
  • QR (below EUR10,01): 1,4% + fixed fee
  • Senders from Canada/US/Europe: 2% Rest of the World
  • Senders from Europe 1/ Northern Europe 0.5%
  • Charities: 1.9% plus fixed fee
  • Advance Credit + Debit Cards: From 1.9% (Blended pricing fee) to 3.5% (American Express).
  • New Checkout Solution: Fixed Fee of 1.9% plus fixed fee

Payments accepted

  • Linking bank accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal Cash/CashPlus Balance

Best for

PayPal allows you to shop without having to convert currencies.

Top Benefits

  • Secure data encryption
  • Transfers of free money

How to connect PayPal to ClickFunnels

You can connect to PayPal in 16 simple steps:

  1. Opt for API integration directly
  2. Secure PayPal Business Account + Standard Order Form
  3. Login to your account using the secret key and create a PayPal ID
  4. Click on “PayPal Developer applications”
  5. Click “My Apps and Credentials”.
  6. Click to view LIVE account
  7. Create App – add App Name
  8. View API credentials – Show
  9. Sandbox App – Test funnel
  10. Access your ClickFunnels account settings
  11. Select Payment Gateways and Add a New Payment Gateway
  12. Choose PayPal V2
  13. Copy and paste the PayPal Client ID
  14. Copy and paste PayPal Secret Code
  15. Create PayPal V2 Account
  16. Follow the steps above to turn off Sandbox App LIVE credentials.


Processing Fee

  • $10 per month
  • Spend less than $10 per transaction
  • Setup (Electronic Check): $50
  • $25 per month
  • Spend $0.30 for each transaction
  • Discount of 1%

Payments accepted

NMI is an automated clearing house (ACH) terminal that allows for the processing of transactions using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Automated Clearing House.

Best for

NMI is a virtual platform that accommodates ISVs and ISOs. It also integrates payment on the platform. NMI integrates with many popular shopping carts, and is easy to assimilate with QuickBooks.

Top Benefits

  • Cybersecurity and fraud protection of the highest quality
  • Point-to-point user data encryption
  • RKI enables fast and cost-effective payment processing

How to connect NMI with ClickFunnels

You can connect to NMI in 15 simple steps:

  1. Secure a Gateway Funnel Pros account
  2. NMI Customer vault can be enabled from your NMI account
  3. Sign up for NMI and accept charges
  4. Select Options from the menu bar to the left.
  5. Select your Settings
  6. Select Security Keys under Security Options
  7. Enter the key name of the user to assign.
  8. Click Create New Key
  9. Copy the API key
  10. Select Payment Gateways to connect NMI with ClickFunnels
  11. Click on Add New Payment Gateway
  12. Log in to NMI by selecting the NMI button
  13. Enter the NMI Password
  14. Paste the API Key
  15. Create an NMI Account


Processing Fee

  • Core: $149/month + 0.9% revenue
  • Contact the sales team
  • Elite: Contact our sales team

Payments accepted

Recurly accepts credit and debit cards, as well as ACH payments, in addition to the integration of digital wallets, gateways, and global supported gateways, such WorldPay, PayPal ApplePay, Venmo and TSYS. Maestro cards will not be accepted.

This includes local payment methods like SEPA, UnionPay Bacs and BECS.

Best for

Recurly offers the best billing automation and insight into subscription analytics.

Top Benefits

  • Dunning is a unique feature that allows the user to enter valid payments details
  • Customer service that is supportive

How to connect ClickFunnels to a recurring subscription

Recurly is easy to connect. Here are 12 simple steps:

  1. Protect your Recurly subdomain and account
  2. Login to your ClickFunnels Account
  3. Login to Recurly in a new tab
  4. Select Integrations from the Recurly dashboard
  5. Select API Credentials
  6. Public Key and Private API Key
  7. ClickFunnels Dashboard – Account Settings
  8. Click Payment Gateways
  9. Click on Add New Payment Gateway
  10. Select Recurring
  11. Subdomain/Private Key/Public Key: Enter and save the Recurly information.
  12. Create a Recurly Account

Easy Pay Direct

Processing Fee

  • Setup Fee: $99
  • $24.95 per month
  • 1.59 + $0.17 per swipe
  • Online transactions are subject to a 2.39% plus $0.29 fee
  • 1.6% + $0.29 for each ACH transaction

Payments accepted

Easy Pay Direct accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as ACH (eChecks) and online payments.

Best for

Easy Pay Direct is the best option for companies with high risk who need a trusted, secure virtual terminal.

Top Benefits

  • Automated billing and payment collection
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Customer relationships can be improved
  • Better time management

How to connect Easy Pay Direct with ClickFunnels

You can connect Pay Direct in 15 simple steps:

  1. Easy Pay Direct Account
  2. Click Options from the Easy Pay Direct dashboard
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select Security Keys from the Security Options menu.
  5. Enter a description of the key and choose User to Assign
  6. Check API and Cart
  7. Create a new key
  8. Copy the API key
  9. Scroll down to Payment Gateways and select Account Settings
  10. Add a New Payment Gateway
  11. Choose Easy Pay Direct
  12. Easy Pay Direct Account Login
  13. Easy Pay Direct password
  14. Paste the API key
  15. Easy Pay Direct Account Creation


Processing Fee

  • $49.95 activation fee
  • Pay Period Processing Fee: $2.50

Payments accepted

ClickBank accepts credit card, wired payment, direct deposit, and cheques. You can also use Payoneer, an international money transfer service or PayPal as a payment gateway.

Best for

ClickBank’s affiliate program is the best way to promote a wide range of services and products.

Top Benefits

  • Flexible APIs
  • App is user-friendly
  • Search filters for quick and easy research

How to connect ClickBank with ClickFunnels

ClickBank is easy to connect with these 32 steps:

  1. Secure ClickBank Account + verified ClickBank Profile (valid SSN/EIN).
  2. Log in + Create a vendor account (ClickBank)
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Create an Account
  5. Create – Account Type Vendor (Sell Products)/Combination (Vendor and Affiliate)
  6. Create a username
  7. Select Sign up
  8. Return dashboard – select Users
  9. Create New User
  10. Select API Only User
  11. New user, confirm account + set password (e-mail confirmation link)
  12. Add a description – Save
  13. Select User Permissions
  14. Keep the tab open to save
  15. Login with ClickFunnels – New Tab
  16. Payment Gateways – Menu – Account Settings
  17. Add New Payment Gateway
  18. Select ClickBank – keep tab open
  19. Copy the value from Users tab next to APIKey.
  20. Paste the value into the ClickFunnels API Key field
  21. ClickBank tab – Accounts
  22. ClickFunnels Tab – Paste nickname in ClickBank vendor field
  23. ClickBank tab – click Nickname – Account Settings
  24. Edit Developer API Key
  25. Select Create New Developer Key
  26. Add description + save
  27. Copy the Developer API key value
  28. ClickBank tab – Vendor Settings – My Site
  29. Advanced Tools – Edit
  30. Enter secret key + Save Changes
  31. ClickFunnels tab – paste key (Secret Token)
  32. ClickBank Account

Warrior Plus

Processing Fee

  • 4.9% + $0.10/transaction
  • Discounts based on sales volume over 30 days
    • $1,000+ @ 4.5%
    • $2,500+ @ 3.9%
    • $10,000+ @ 3.5%
    • $25,000+ @ 2.9%
    • $50,000+ @ 2.5%
    • $10,000+ @ 2.0%

Payments accepted

Warrior Plus accepts payments via PayPal, Stripe and TransferWise. PayPal Plus can be used in certain situations.

Affiliates and vendors receive commissions in a WarriorPlus wallet.

Best for

Warrior Plus will be the best choice for affiliate marketers who wish to increase their product range for trade.

Top Benefits

  • Search results are classified by a single click and the interface allows for easy searching.
  • Data analysis: Improved insights

How to connect Warrior Plus with ClickFunnels

You can connect Warrior Plus in 16 simple steps:

  1. Protect your Warrior Plus Account
  2. Select Account Settings in Warrior Plus from the drop down menu
  3. Click on the API Key
  4. Create Warrior+Plus api key
  5. Copy the API key
  6. Select Account Settings from the drop-down list.
  7. Select the Security Key Option
  8. Click on Warrior+Plus security key
  9. Copies the security key
  10. ClickFunnels Dashboard
  11. Choose Account Settings and then Payment Gateways
  12. Add a new payment gateway
  13. Select Warrior Plus
  14. Paste the Warrior Plus api key
  15. Paste the Warrior plus Security Key
  16. Create a Warrior Plus Account


Processing Fee

  • 5% of the gross selling price/product (charged to affiliated parties)

Payments accepted

JVZoo users can integrate MassPay or PayPal payment gateways to receive payments. BlueSnap is another option for integration.

Best for

JVZoo works best for affiliates who deal in digital services and products such as computer software.

Top Benefits

  • Affiliates get paid instantly (qualification at 50 sales).
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Includes performance analytics tools

How to connect JVZoo with ClickFunnels

Connecting to JVZoo is easy. Here are 12 steps:

  1. Getting a JVZoo Account
  2. Select My Account from the JVZoo menu
  3. Find the JVZIPN secret key field
  4. Click to Edit Secret Key
  5. How to Generate a Secret Code
  6. The Secret Key
  7. ClickFunnels Account settings – menu
  8. Click on the Payment Gateways
  9. Add New Payment Gateway
  10. Select JVZoo
  11. Paste the JVZoo secret key
  12. Create JVZoo account

Do I need more than one payment gateway on ClickFunnels

In order to start with a payment gateway integration, a single application will suffice. The ClickFunnels basic plan allows only one gateway integrated in this respect.

If you would prefer to use a third-party, you will have to pay a fee. ClickFunnels’ Platinum plan, for example, includes three gateways and costs $297/month.

will only allow you to use one third-party cart integration, no matter how many payment gateways you choose.

Some payment gateways are stand-alone, and do not permit third-party integration.

Bottom Line

ClickFunnels’ payment gateways provide a user-friendly, simple solution for finalizing transactions and keeping customers happy.

can be used to generate an API key for the payment gateway or third party integration.

Payment integrations include Stripe, PayPal V2, Recurly NMI, Keap and Easy Pay Direct.

PayPal V1, ClickBank Warrior Plus JVZoo and PayPal V1 give access to third-party products.

No matter what you choose, the right payment gateway integration for ClickFunnels can be the key to a successful bottom line.

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