ClickFunnels 6 Months Free

ClickFunnels is offering a deal which includes six months free access to ClickFunnels platinum. This subscription plan costs $297/month, or $2,970 per year. It includes valuable marketing and funnel-building tools.

One Funnel Away Platinum Challenge Bundle is available for just $997 per six-month period, a fraction of its usual price.

Take a look at the details.

Buy the Product ClickFunnels Platinum Plan
Prices are as follows: If you pay monthly, $297 per month is $2,970 annually or $1,782 per six-month period.
Special Offer ClickFunnels Platinum Challenge Bundle includes Bonus Materials
Bonus Price: Platinum 6-month subscription for $997
Discount: 45%


  • ClickFunnels platinum is included in the One Funnel away Platinum offer.
  • OFA Platinum is only $997, a bundle with products that cost $13,464.
  • OFA Platinum comes with ClickFunnels Platinum benefits, additional services and bonus materials.
  • Visit the One Funnel Away site or follow link to access OFA Platinum.

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Is it Possible to Get ClickFunnels 6 Months Free?

ClickFunnels offers no free funnel-building tools.

The offer gives users six months of free ClickFunnels tools.

You can get the One Funnel Away Platinum bundle for only $997, a 45% discount.

Get ClickFunnels for 6 Months Free: Find out more about the deal

The ClickFunnels Platinum One Funnel Away deal isn’t for free, but it offers great value. The total value of the deal is $13,464, yet it only costs $997.

By opting in, users will have access to the following resources for 6 months:

  1. Coaching for the One Funnel Challenge 30-Day Challenge with Russell Brunson and Julie Stoian. Steve Larson is also an expert.
  2. The One Funnel Away Kit comes with a 550 page ’30 Days Book’, OFA Workbook and a MP3 Player that is already preloaded to funnel-building modules.
  3. ClickFunnels Platinum 6-Month Access includes:
    1. Virtual Hackathons – Live streaming, daily virtual coaching on marketing, funnel building and trade secrets.
    2. FunnelFlix Platinum: Top-notch video training platform for ClickFunnels Platinum users.
  4. White Glove Onboarding Service: Individualized SaaS training for ClickFunnels to ensure successful implementation.
  5. Bonus material added to the OFA Offer:
Bonus Item You can also value
DotCom Secrets Live $2,997
Expert Secrets Live $2,997
Traffic Secrets Live $2,997

Click on the opt-in button when the ClickFunnels site prompts you. For more information, you can also visit the link.

Bonuses included in a ClickFunnels 6-Month Plan for Free

What bonuses is included in the OFA Platinum Offer?

DotCom Secrets Live

DotCom secrets focuses on successful sales tactics, audience expectations and the use of sales funnels in online marketing. The content also includes information on marketing psychology, and how you can apply it to your company to the best effect.

Expert Secrets Live

Expert Secrets is based on the book Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook to Convert Your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers, by Russell Brunson. Brunson has written a number of books about business practices.

This volume will teach you how to become a business leader and expert with a loyal following of clients who are devoted to your products.

Traffic Secrets Live

The Traffic Secrets is a follow-up to Expert Secrets. It focuses on increasing traffic and awareness of your website. It shows you how to find your ideal customers and delves into strategies that will attract and retain their loyalty.

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