ClickFunnels Backpack

Backpack is a revolutionary ClickFunnels Tool that puts affiliate marketers to work.

You can scale up your business using the platform without having to pay anything extra.

ClickFunnels Backpack is based on the concept of word-of mouth. Affiliates will promote your products or services on their platforms, and drive traffic to your website.

Referrer receives commissions for any sales that result from the traffic.

Backpack has tools that will help you track affiliate performance and calculate commissions. You can also pay network affiliates.

Takeaways from

  • Backpack allows you to create and implement affiliate programs on ClickFunnels.
  • Backpack Benefits are available on the Platinum Plan and One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum.
  • Backpack can increase revenue by increasing traffic to your website and exposing more people to your service/product.
  • Affiliates receive commissions on all sales.
  • Sticky cookies allow affiliates to continue earning commissions from their customers.
  • Backpack Dashboard gives a quick overview of affiliate performance.
  • From the dashboard, you can manage commissions, payment plans, contests, and commission rates.

What is a ClickFunnels backpack?

ClickFunnels’ exclusive Backpack feature is only available with the ClickFunnels platinum subscription plan.

You can manage your affiliate program with this tool. It allows you to set up a tiered system for affiliates, adjust commission rates and incentives, as well as integrate your business sales funnel.

Report affiliate performance statistics while keeping an eye on your sales. Allow the system to calculate your commissions and pay agents accordingly.

Your sales can be multiplied by incorporating an affiliate program into your sales funnel without having to increase your expenditure.

This video from ClickFunnels shows you how easy it is to add an affiliate program to your ClickFunnels funnel:

How Does ClickFunnels’ Backpack Work

Sticky cookies help Backpack to retain affiliates and increase traffic.

The principle is straightforward:

  1. A customer makes a purchase after being prompted by an affiliate promotion.
  2. Affiliates earn a commission.
  3. This customer’s link to the affiliate ID is permanent.
  4. Affiliates will earn commissions on any future transactions that this customer generates.
Backpack is only available for Platinum subscribers.

How do I get a ClickFunnels backpack?

Backpack is only available to those who subscribe to the ClickFunnels platinum plan.

ClickFunnels offers the Platinum plan at a monthly cost of $297, but they also offer it as part of promotional.

If you choose the OFA Challenge Platinum offer or Funnel hacking secrets, you can get the Platinum plan at a reduced rate of $166.16 a month.

Subscribe to either the Funnel Hacking Secrets or OFA Challenge Platinum deals for six-months at $997 per deal. Both plans include many bonus training materials in addition to the Platinum plan.

OFA Platinum Challenge Platinum Plan
Cost Offer for six months at $997 ($166 per month) Pay $247 per month annually (normal monthly price $297).
Funnels You can also find out more about You can also find out more about
Follow-Up Funnels You can also find out more about You can also find out more about
Pages You can also find out more about You can also find out more about
Domains 9 9
Users 3 3
Payment Integration 9 9
Affiliate Integrations
FunnelFlix Platinum
Masterclass on Funnel Hacking Secrets
Instant Traffic Hacks
Inception Secrets
Seinfeld & SOAP Email Sequences
DotCom Secrets Live
Expert Secrets Live
Traffic Secrets Live

Method #1: Subscribe to the $297/month Platinum Plan and Get Backpack

Subscribe to the ClickFunnels platinum plan and you’ll receive a Backpack affiliate program. The plan is $297 per month, which includes unlimited pages, funnels and following-up funnels . The plan also includes hours of training.

This is how you sign up for the ClickFunnels platinum plan:

  1. This page is available.
  2. Choose the Platinum plan.
  3. Get the ClickFunnels platinum plan with Backpack.

Method #2: Subscription to OFA Platinum 6-Month challenge at $166/Month will get you a Backpack

Subscribe to the One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum Plan for six months to get the Backpack System. This program includes 30 days of coaching with the ClickFunnels Team and a six-month Platinum Plan.

  1. Sign up on this page for the OFA Challenge Platinum. This includes a 6-month membership to ClickFunnels Platinum along with a Backpack Plan and other exclusive materials that are only available as part of this promotional offer.
  2. Register and pay by entering your details.
  3. Get a 6-month subscription to the OFA Challenge Platinum and access all the exclusive material.

Why do I need a ClickFunnels backpack?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate passive income online. Affiliates can help you increase the visibility of your product by bringing it to potential customers who may have never seen your brand before.

This channel is mutually beneficial because you don’t have to pay anything until the sale has been completed. Affiliates can also use their knowledge to promote your product.

Backpack makes it easy to integrate your funnels with Backpack. Add only two pages to the funnel: one for affiliates and another for your affiliate center.

How do I Use ClickFunnels’ Backpack? Setup Checklist

You can easily connect your affiliate program with your funnels to track the results. You can easily share information in the Affiliate Area to boost sales and profits. Your affiliates can receive promotional materials and information about reporting.

Create your sales funnel before you can enable Backpack.

Here are the steps for setting up Backpack affiliate program.

  1. Add Affiliate Area and Access to Your Funnel.
  2. Create a Commission Plan.
  3. Enable Backpack for Your Funnel.
  4. Create a new affiliate type and add it to a commission plan.
  5. Create Commissionable Products
  6. Customize your Affiliate Area
  7. Sign up for New Affiliates.
  8. Review and pay affiliates

The Leaderboard is another tool in the Backpack system. You can see your top affiliates by product, commission, opt-ins and quantity sold. This helps you track your promotions and contests.

ClickFunnels Backpack Features

This section will provide a detailed walkthrough of the many options and features available with the Backpack system. You will see how simple it is to navigate and set up your affiliate program, even if you have no technical knowledge.


You get an instant overview of your stats. They are automatically generated. You can view the percentages for active and referred Affiliates. Also, you will see a snapshot of affiliate sales, commissions and profit. Here you can search for any affiliate.


In this section, you can see all of the affiliates that are working for you within your Backpack system. When your affiliates are connected, they will automatically be added to the funnel pages. You can also manually add new affiliates and manage them here. You can edit the information of your affiliates, such as their email addresses or telephone numbers.


On this page, you can see the names of all your affiliates and their commissions. You can see the amount owed and when commissions will be due. You can edit and delete commissions. You can also export data files.


You can view all payments due, recent payments, and future commissions.

Commission Plans

Here you can manage your commission plans. You can edit and view them, and you can add new plans. You can specify the commission amount for each plan. You can create unlimited plans, which is great if you want to offer different specials or have a lot of products to sell.

The following are the most effective ways to reduce your risk of injury.

You can update any of the information at any time, including tax form text and how long you would like sticky cookies to last. Any information can be updated at any time.

You can read more about it here:

You can create a successful affiliate program with a bit of time and some tweaking.

You don’t need to with a third party and you won’t need to calculate percentages.

Sticky cookies are a unique and powerful tool that will make your affiliates trust you. Affiliate marketing can be a low-cost option included in your payment plan with the Backpack feature.

You can now attach your funnels and let your affiliates spread the word.

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