ClickFunnels Vs Thrive Themes

You may be wondering how ClickFunnels and Thrive Themes compare.

Both offer -based solutions that are based on web page designs , optimized to convert interests into sales as well as some additional ecommerce functions.

ClickFunnels targets sales channels, and Thrive Themes has a broader approach in terms of web pages themes.

Thrive is more than just a website.


ClickFunnels, an online sales and marketing funnel system.

The conversion funnels are optimized so that interested visitors become leads and sales.

This tool guides a visitor down a sophisticated sales funnel.

ClickFunnels offers a full-featured support for e-commerce in addition to the funnel-building tool.

Thrive Themes – Thrive Suite

Thrive Themes are part of Thrive Suite. This is a collection of online tools to enable ecommerce and engagement.

Thrive Themes is for WordPress and simplifies setting up a conversion-optimized, professional-looking website.

ClickFunnels vs. Thrive Themes in a Glimpse

ClickFunnels Themes Thrive
Try it for Free Yes, 14 days. There is no free trial but a 30-day refund policy.
Pricing Range Basic Plan for $97 Per Month
Platinum at $297 per Month
Two Comma Club X at $2,497 per monthly
$19 per month if paid quarterly. This price includes all themes and plugins.
Best for ClickFunnels may be the best option for businesses looking for advanced marketing tools. Themes like Thrive Themes are better suited for those who want a more basic and cheaper online marketing platform, and for those using WordPress.
Page Builder Drag and drop page creator is easy to use
Page elements:
There are tons of templates available for free and paid.
Drag and drop page creator.
No need to know coding
ClickFunnels is a bit easier to use, and has more flexibility.
The Most Notable Features Specialize in the creation of sales funnels
There are many different sales funnels for almost any product.
Upsell and Downsell capabilities
Hosting included
Multiple payment integrations
WordPress marketing tool
WordPress simplifies the use of WordPress for marketing purposes
Buy Tickets Online
Highly Customizable


  • ClickFunnels offers a comprehensive marketing and lead generation tool that is more powerful than Thrive Themes.
  • ClickFunnels is a powerful tool for those who are looking to improve their sales and conversions.
  • ClickFunnels may be more expensive but you get a lot for your money if you want its advanced features.
  • Thrive Themes can be more affordable if you don’t require too many “extras” in terms of marketing features.
  • Thrive Themes makes it easy to optimize WordPress sites for marketing and sales.
  • The Thrive Themes Page Builder is a little easier to use.

ClickFunnels vs. Prices Comparison: Thrive Themes

ClickFunnels pricing:

  • Basic plan is $97 per month and includes multiple features for building sales funnels. There are limitations on the number and type of pages.
  • Platinum plan is $297 per month and includes unlimited pages and funnels. This plan also includes training.
  • Two Comma Club X plan is $2,497 per monthly. This plan offers 27 payment integrations as well as access to online training materials.

ClickFunnels offers additional promotions including:

  • One Funnel away (OFA), Platinum Challenge Package: $166.16 per six-month period, mirroring Platinum Plan with unlimited digital training materials.
  • The Secrets of Funnel Building Promotion is $1,997 per six-month period and $2,997 per 12-month period. The Platinum Plan plus access to masterclasses and funnel scripts.
  • Funnel Hacking Secrets Promotion– This plan is $997 per six months and includes funnel hacking, masterclasses and additional traffic hacks.

Thrive themes Pricing:

  • Thrive suite is available for $19 per person, per month. The suite includes themes for 25 sites and access to all the plugins. It also offers 12 months of support from the customer service team, as well as free updates.
  • Thrive suite Agency is $588 per annum, without a monthly option. This plan has the same features of the Starter Plan for Individuals. The Agency plan, however, allows you to use themes for up to 50 websites.

If you have a limited marketing plan and want a professional-looking, high-converting WordPress site, Thrive Themes is very cost-effective.

ClickFunnels is a better option in the long run, especially if you’re not already using WordPress.

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ClickFunnels vs. Compare Thrive Themes Features and Tools

ClickFunnels & Thrive Themes share many similarities at first glance.

Their aims are different in terms of scale, scope and potential business stage.

This section will examine six factors that define a successful e-commerce platform, and compare ClickFunnels to Thrive Themes.

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Funnel Builder

User experience is crucial. To achieve this, a coherent and attractive set of pages leading the customer from landing to checkout is essential.

Which platform offers the best solution for building funnels?

ClickFunnels is a funnel-building specialist. It offers the best funnel-building tool and training.

Thrive Themes specializes in WordPress page templates. These will need to be configured to create your own personalized sales funnel. This configuration requires a prior understanding of the sales funnel and time to build and adapt.

If you are looking for a funnel builder but do not have the expertise to use it, then ClickFunnels will be your best option.

ClickFunnels Funnel Types

Page Builder

Any e-commerce or marketing platform must have page building functionality. Many entrepreneurs prefer a solution which is not too technical and does not require coding knowledge.

Which platform offers the best solution for building pages?

ClickFunnels may have a slight edge in terms of usability but both page builders are comparable.

ClickFunnels offers drag-and-drop page building, and Thrive Themes has a wide range of page elements and customizations.

Both platforms boast that they don’t require any coding knowledge to create pages. Thrive Themes was built exclusively for WordPress, while ClickFunnels doesn’t have this limitation.

The main difference between the two platforms in terms of page builder features is this limitation.

ClickFunnels Landing Page Builder

Sales & Marketing Features

E-commerce entrepreneurs aim to optimize their sales and marketing.

Bloggers and content creators also strive to build subscriber lists and attract attention for their websites.

Which platform offers better sales & marketing solutions?

ClickFunnels has a better sales and marketing performance. ClickFunnels has a wide range of features for sales and marketing, including conversion-optimized funnels that can be tailored to almost any marketing objective, as well as the ability to create order bumps and upsell or downsell.

Thrive Themes templates are designed to promote sales and marketing goals, but without any upsell, order bump, or downsell functionality.

ClickFunnels Marketing Features

E-Commerce Features

It is important to get visitors to commit to signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase once you have caught their attention.

Which platform offers better E-Commerce features?

ClickFunnels is the winner when it comes to pure online shopping. ClickFunnels allows you to create an entire ecommerce website, in addition to exceptional sales funnels. It integrates with multiple payment gateways. ClickFunnels offers membership features and an affiliate program.

Thrive Themes is only compatible with WordPress and does not directly support payment gateway integration.

E-Commerce Funnels in ClickFunnels

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Analytical Features

It is important to know which marketing strategies work and which do not.

It is important to keep an eye on the customer’s behavior and interactions.

The analytics features provide you with the information you need to improve your marketing and sales.

Which platform offers better analytics?

ClickFunnels is a better tool for marketing analytics. ClickFunnels gives you an overview of the performance of your entire funnel. This allows you to see how visitors navigate through your funnel.

ClickFunnels offers A/B or split testing of the pages within your funnel. This gives you more information to make informed decisions.

The funnels that you create are not able to be viewed by Thrive Themes. This makes it difficult to determine what is working and what isn’t.

Thrive Themes offers A/B testing for the pages of your funnel.

ClickFunnels Analytics

Customization Features

It is important to distinguish yourself as a company or content creator. To achieve this goal, customization is a must.

Which platform offers better customization?

Thrive Themes is the winner of this round even though ClickFunnels has customizable funnel templates and web pages. It also offers HTML elements, custom inputs on forms, as well as affiliate area customization.

Thrive Themes allows for customization on the same level as ClickFunnels. However, Thrive Themes & Thrive Shapeshift allow customization down to the pixel.

The advantage of Thrive Themes is that it takes out the technical work involved in making these detailed customizations.

ClickFunnels Landing Page Builder

Customer Support

ClickFunnels provides 24/7 email/ticket support and 24-hour Live Chat Support from Monday to Friday. The official Facebook group is another way to get support. Remember that ClickFunnels does not guarantee the quality of answers in the Facebook group because users are responsible for answering, and not ClickFunnels’ staff.

Thrive Themes provides 24/7 ticketed (or “conversations”) support through the Support section at the bottom-right of the Thrive Themes site. Thrive aims at replying within a few minutes to support conversations.

ClickFunnels Support Chat

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels is the right choice if you want to maximize your marketing efforts by using robust, pre-built funnels. This platform provides you with sales funnels that are effective.

This is the tool for you if you want to focus on results and not get bogged down in marketing funnels. Also included are e-commerce features such as upsells and downsells.

The price is higher than Thrive Themes but we think it’s worth the money if you use the extra features.

Choose the Thrive theme if you: Focus on visual experience. You want to customize WordPress sites to the finest detail, but you don’t have any coding knowledge.

You can also choose this option if you already have a good understanding of how sales funnels work and do not need any help in designing or implementing them.

While both ClickFunnels & Thrive Themes offer ecommerce functionality, they have very different niches.

ClickFunnels has a marketing focus and helps to attract potential customers with its proven, strategically-designed sales funnels.

ClickFunnels offers other tools such as e-commerce, integration with payment gateways and the ability for affiliate networks or membership sites to be operated. Thrive Themes is a WordPress theme that focuses on aesthetics.

The library of WordPress themes is impressive and you can customize them to the last detail. Thrive Themes allows you to create your own sales funnels, but you must know how to do it and have a plan. ClickFunnels is the best option if you do not use WordPress and are focused on marketing or e-commerce.

Choose Thrive Themes if you are a WordPress user, know how to create funnels and want to save money. You also want beautiful themes that can be customized.

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