ClickFunnels Landing Page Examples

ClickFunnels offers a landing-page builder that includes features such as drag-and drop builder, embeddable elements and forms, and funnel integration.

Below are 31 examples to help you better understand ClickFunnels’ capabilities and get inspired for your next landing page design.

Takeaways from

  • ClickFunnels is a landing page creator that’s suitable for any business
  • Landing pages are useful for lead-generation, sales, marketing and more

These landing page examples were selected and ranked based on several factors, including the user experience, platform features, and design.

1. AppSumo

AppSumo allows businesses to list their apps and sell them.

A landing page created on ClickFunnels is used to promote their affiliate program.

After clicking the affiliate application button, prospective affiliates can enter information.

2. Funnel Stacking secrets

ClickFunnels founder uses a landing page to promote digital product.

This is an excellent example of how landing pages can be used to sell products and embed videos.

3. Affiliate Bootcamp

The affiliate bootcamp teaches people how to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate and make money.

The landing page contains many testimonials, videos, and calls to action.

4. National Guitar Academy

This ClickFunnels landing is the National Guitar Academy membership site.

The site gives the customer all the necessary information, including how to buy access to the membership site. It then directs them to the site.

5. MyLocker

MyLocker, a company which produces print-on demand products for other companies, uses ClickFunnels as a platform to host its jobs board.

The landing page gives prospective employees all the information they need about the position, such as salary, benefits and age requirements.

The job seeker will be redirected from the “Apply Now” page to a different site where they can complete their application.

6. Market Traders

Market Traders offers a community of people who are interested in trading financial markets.

The platform’s landing pages builder is used to promote the $247 primary membership product.

The checkout page is embedded directly on the landing pages of this site, so that the customer does not have to visit another page.


ALTENEW uses a landing page for its e-book to generate leads and promote it. The ebook is available for free to those who provide their name and email.

ClickFunnels supports hosting and delivery of digital downloads. This example shows how the e-book can be sent to the customer via email.

8. AmazingREI

AwesomeREI aims to educate the public on investing.

This landing page is a simple one that offers the customer a video for free in exchange for their email.

Lead Magnets can be a great way to generate leads.

9. Energy Avenue

Energy Avenue, a lighting and electric company, gathers the information of a business and gives it a quote.

The sales page describes how it can benefit businesses. At the bottom, there is a form where leads can enter their contact information.

10. Re-Nourish

Re-Nourish hair treatment is designed to encourage hair growth.

The landing page was extremely long, as the product advertised is scientific.

Images, bullet points and references are used to help customers understand.

11. Musical U

Musical U is an online membership site for music lovers.

The site provides a full page of case studies that help new customers to understand how the membership site functions and how it benefits subscribers.

This case study is built using ClickFunnels 2. It has a lot of video embeds and shortcuts so that visitors can quickly jump to their desired case study.

12. Social Banners

Social Banners offers text and graphic banners to be added to posts on social media.

The landing page explains the benefits of social banners, and then shows how they can be used for different types of businesses.

There are also many testimonials from customers who use the product in their businesses and endorse it.

13. Marketing Wiz?

Marketing Wizdom offers entrepreneurs a place to network and connect.

New members can join the community for free by clicking on the “Apply” button.

The landing page was built using ClickFunnels 2.0. It is a simple design and would have been quick to create.

14. PlayerScout

PlayerScout, an online soccer training program, is designed to help players improve their skills.

The landing page includes a video that explains the benefits of purchasing the masterclass and links to customer reviews.

15. Shic Mastermind

The Shic Mastermind program is a training program that helps businesses increase their sales.

They have a video at the top of their page to sell their products. It tells potential customers the benefits of becoming a member.

ClickFunnels’ 2.0 landing page shows their three subscription options and pricing.

This is an excellent example of a business using ClickFunnels to sell a high ticket program.

16. 5 Pillars

5 Pillars is an initiative that aims to help and defend Islam and Muslims.

The landing page of the app explains its social cause, and offers a donation option for supporters.

Also, they include social proof in the form of previous media appearances.

17. Event Planning Blueprint

Sign up for the webinar by using the form on the landing page.

The Event Planning Blueprint landing pages feature a variety of testimonials from customers. It can help to overcome any objections site visitors might have about joining.

Businesses using ClickFunnels can set up an automated email sequence that sends a webinar invitation and follows up with potential customers.

18. Mass Minority

Mass Minority is an online lead generation company that specializes in the leads of legal experts.

A calendar is available on the landing page for customers to schedule a discovery call.

ClickFunnels allows businesses to embed calendars from third parties onto their web pages.

19. Grammarist

The Grammarist business is focused on improving the grammar and vocabulary of its customers.

On its landing page, the company advertises PDF lessons, quizzes and checklists.

The company also displays its 100% money back guarantee as a way to reassure their customers.

20. Top Dog Social Media

Top Dog Social Media is a company that specializes in generating leads for companies using LinkedIn.

The landing page includes a form for signing up to a webinar.

ClickFunnels has many templates and tools for webinar promotion. However, in order to host a webcast, companies must use a third-party website.

21. Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading (CLR) is a digital reading program that teaches children to read.

The product includes 32 lessons, audio files, flashcards and other digital downloads.

The landing page announces that the customer will have access to the product as soon as they purchase it.

Businesses can automate digital product delivery by using ClickFunnels’ 2.0 behavior-based email flow.

22. Schoolism

Schoolism offers online art classes for those who want to improve their skills.

They provide over 50 videos that cover a variety of skills and techniques to help aspiring artists.

This landing page includes a video and testimonials. It also has an invitation to join.

23. Silver Paw Dog

The Silver Paw Potty Patch for Dogs is a rollout mat that allows dogs to use the toilet.

This physical e-commerce product is sold through a ClickFunnels landing page.

Platform has a number of e-commerce features, including Global Products, Upsells, Downsells and Discounts.

24. Awkward Media

Awkward Media helps businesses to get organic traffic on Google.

The landing page lists testimonials and the onboarding process, as well as a third-party embedded calendar.

This is an example of a business using the platform to advertise and sell its services.

25. LadyBoss

LadyBoss focuses on helping women to lose weight and feel good about themselves. The company offers several products including a newsletter, supplements, and challenges.

The LadyBoss ClickFunnels 1.0 landing page includes a lead magnet and blog posts. It also advertises supplements.

26. 6 Figure Coach

The 7 Figure Mastermind is a coaching program offered by 6 Figure Coach that assists fitness professionals in finding clients and growing their business.

They have a FAQ section at the bottom of their page that addresses all the questions that a customer might have.

ClickFunnels is easy to use and highly customizable, since all landing pages are built using drag-and drop elements.

27. Stephen Esketzis

Stephen Esketzis, a marketer and speaker who builds funnels as well as does one-onone coaching and speeches.

On the landing page, potential customers can enter their email address, create a free funnel or buy products.

28. Magnetic Mind

Magnetic Mind is an online coaching program for reprogramming the mind.

Customers can choose a free download or training on the ClickFunnels landing page in exchange for providing their contact details.

Customers can also watch the YouTube videos embedded on their landing page.

29. Checklist of the Ultimate Home Defense Hacks

ClickFunnels’ 2.0 landing page for The Ultimate Home Defense Hacks Checklist offers a PDF checklist to visitors in exchange for their contact details.

The landing page looks super cool and is very simple. It has a dark background that really makes the text stand out.

30. Ecommerce Freedom

Ecommerce Freedom, an online coaching program designed for Amazon sellers.

Free guides and eBooks are offered by companies to promote their products.

The company creates a separate site and links it to its ClickFunnels landing pages in order to generate leads and sell product.

31. Boot Buyers Guide

Boot Buyers Guide offers a ClickFunnels landing page that is specifically designed to help soccer players buy cleats.

This unique digital products business demonstrates the variety of businesses that can use this platform.

The landing page of the site clearly explains what it is and how you can join.

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Bottom Line

ClickFunnels 2.0 offers businesses a variety of features for creating impressive landing pages.

You can use the examples to connect your landing page with email sequences and funnels as well as digital products.

You can bookmark this page to get inspiration for the next time you build a ClickFunnels landing page.

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