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Our investigative team has thoroughly investigated the latest offers and payment plans from ClickFunnels .

This article will provide you with all the details of these offers, including bonuses and how to claim them.

ClickFunnels offers a wide range of promotions and special offers to suit the needs of almost every business owner. The site builders and users are in for an exciting treat, with all the tools they need to automate sales pages and high-converting funnels for online businesses.

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Takeaways from

  • Funnel Hacks is now available as a Masterclass with additional material and bonuses.
  • The One Funnel Away Challenge provides 30 days of intensive sales funnel coaching.
  • The One Funnel Away Platinum Plan offers six months of ClickFunnels Platinum and bonus materials at a fractional cost.
  • ClickFunnels offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all special offers.

ClickFunnels Special Offers

These offers include incredible discounts on ClickFunnels’ tried and tested tools and resources.

  • Funnel hacking secrets bundle at $997
    • Benefits of Platinum ClickFunnels for 6 months
    • Funnels Masterclass Webinar (free)
    • Instant Traffic Hacks (Traffic Secrets).
    • Inception Secrets
    • Seinfeld & SOAP Email Sequences
  • Funnels Builders Secrets Package at $1,997 for 6 months or $2,997 for 12 months:
    • ClickFunnels Access
    • Funnel Builder Secrets
    • One Funnel Coaching
    • Traffic Secrets Tips
    • DotCom Secrets Copywriting scripts
  • One Funnel away Platinum Plan at $997 for 6 months:
    • Video daily tasks
    • Daily Coaching
    • Customized One Funnel Away member kit
    • Workbooks
    • Interviews and expert input
  • One Funnel Away Challenge @ $100
    • You can access the OFA features only for 30 days with this option.

What are the online special offers for ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels offers a number of special deals.

All Funnel Builder Secrets & OFA Platinum Deals include the live coaching and materials for the 30-Day Challenge so everyone can benefit.

ClickFunnels Special Offer: Funnel Builder Secrets Program

ClickFunnels offers a Funnel Builder Secrets Program.

  • This package contains six months of ClickFunnels’ Platinum plan, valued at $297 a month. ClickFunnels includes all features.
  • This exclusive offer also includes the 30-Day Challenge Coaching and Materials, daily virtual hackathons, Secrets Mastery Program (a slide-webinar presentation), Traffic Secrets, and Ad Skills.

The 30-Day Challenge is the first step for applicants. They then participate in live Hackathons where they can build and design funnels.

You’ll then learn about the marketing aspect of funnels so that you can sell successfully within your funnels.

Special Note

How to Get the ClickFunnels Funnel Building Secrets Special Offer?

This ClickFunnels Funnel Build Secrets deal is a great offer.

This package includes six months Platinum membership, the 30-Day Challenge and many other exclusive bonuses.

You must first attend the free online class to learn more about the package.

You’ll learn how to hack and clone funnels, and also generate traffic. You can sign up for Funnel Builder Secrets at the end of class.

Follow the steps below to get a ClickFunnels Secret Funnel Builder offer:

  1. Enjoy this great deal.
  2. Choose a 6-months or 12-months option.
  3. Create an account by entering the required information.

ClickFunnels Special Offer: OFA Challenge

The ClickFunnels Ofa Challenge walks users through the process of creating high-converting sales channels. We’ll tell you about the two OFA Challenges that ClickFunnels currently offers.

  • The standard 30-Day Challenge is $100, and includes daily group calls and video coaching.
  • The 30-Day Challenge Kit is also included for registrants. It includes a 30-Day Challenge workbook, a 30-Day Challenge booklet, and mp3 player with funnel training preloaded.
  • Standard program includes unlimited interviews for “30-Day Challenge”, “Two Comma Club”, and “Two-Comma Club”.

The OFA Platinum Challenge for six months is $997 and includes the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan, the kit and live expert advice. This makes it an excellent offer.

How to Get the ClickFunnels 30-Day OFA Challenge Special Offer?

The One Funnel Away Challenge offers a 30-day training program for all participants in the funnel development process. The ClickFunnels Team guides you through creating effective sales funnels.

How to participate in the 30-day OFA Challenge:

  1. Learn more about the 30-Day OFA Challenge by visiting this page.
  2. Click on the ‘Join The Challenge’ button to sign up for exclusive materials from Clickfunnels. Choose either the digital version or the physical version.
  3. Next Step: Click the button.
  4. Please enter all of your information in order to participate.

How to Get the ClickFunnels 6-Month OFA Challenge Special Offer?

The ClickFunnels Platinum Challenge is an excellent value package. It includes six months access to the Platinum plan, as well as instruction and guidance on how to build profitable funnels.

Follow the steps below to start your OFA Platinum Challenge.

  1. Sign up here for the OFA Platinum Challenge. This includes all of the 30-Day OFA Challenge material and a 6-month ClickFunnels Platinum subscription.
  2. Register and pay by entering your details.
  3. Get a 6-month subscription to the 30-Day Challenge and exclusive materials.

You can read more about it here:

The 30-day accelerated training program should be able to help you if building a funnel of sales seems daunting.

ClickFunnels is dedicated to educating customers, and you can complete the 30-Day challenge in just one hour per day.

You should be motivated by the fast-paced training. It may seem overwhelming to read and listen to all the recordings, but you will learn how to build funnels.

You can access the funnels that you created during the 30-Day Challenge Program even after the program has ended.

ClickFunnels claims that the reason for its low price is to encourage registrants, who are paying $100, to continue using their software. This is a fair argument.

ClickFunnels is a great program for businesses that are struggling or growing.

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