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With its CRM feature, ClickFunnelsTM 2.0 allows you to manage and analyse contacts.

The CRM tool gathers information about the contacts you have. This information can be analyzed and used to create a stronger relationship and a unique experience with your contacts.

Takeaways from

  • The ClickFunnels 2.0 currently has a contact management feature.
  • Soon, it will launch a feature that allows salespeople to manage their CRM.
  • Monitor how each visitor interacts with your site

Does ClickFunnels have a CRM in version 2.0?

ClickFunnels is an e-commerce platform that includes a CRM.

ClickFunnels 2.0 Benefits

  • Track Customer Activity– The CRM tracker tracks the interactions of each contact with your website. This information can be used to better understand your customers and grow your business.
  • Create a Unique Experience – The CRM tool can be used to create a journey that is personalized for each contact. This can help build trust, enhance your customers’ experience and improve your business.
  • Improve Relationships Learn about your contacts, and stay in touch with them to improve the relationship and increase sales.
  • Manage visitors – Analyze how visitors interact with your site. This information can be used to convert visitors into paying customers.

ClickFunnels 2.0 CRM Features

ClickFunnels allows you to view the contact details. You can see who has visited your website but not yet become a contact. ClickFunnels will retain all information collected while the visitor was a visitor.


Open your contacts in the side menu to view details about your contact.

You will find a list under All Contacts of all your contacts and visitors.

The search bar can be used to find a specific contact. You can also filter and sort results by using the buttons located next to the bar.

To view additional information, click on the name of the contact.

The contacts list will be displayed in a sidebar.

The sidebar shows most of the details. Click View Full Profile located below their email address to view all the details.

The following information will be recorded in the record:

  • Overview This tab contains the contact’s email address, mailing address, phone number and any tags assigned. It also includes time zone, destination, payment method, source address, and shipping address.
  • Activity– This shows you the activities of a contact.
  • Notes – This feature has not been released yet. You will soon be able add notes to the profile of your customers.
  • Marketing This will display any broadcast campaigns, or workflows that are currently active.
  • Orders– The order tab shows any orders made by the user and their payment history.
  • Enrollments– You can view the courses that the contact has enrolled. In this tab, you can manually add contacts.
  • Assets / Fulfillments– All products that the contact has purchased and fulfilled will be displayed here.
You will only see limited information if you’re looking at visitors. You’ll likely see the IP address of the contact, their date of addition, and any recent activity.

Contact Tags appears next in the side menu. You can add tags to your contacts here. This is an excellent way to organize all your contacts.

Contact Tags is the tab that contains Segments. Use Segments the same as you would an email list.


ClickFunnels 2.0 has not yet launched the sales CRM feature. We will update this page as soon as it is launched. Bookmark it to come back later.

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