ClickFunnels Downsell

Customers will often arrive at your ClickFunnels 2.o funnel order page, but then decide not to purchase.

A downsell is a good sales strategy at this point, as it gives the customer an affordable option and increases the chance of a sale.

Takeaways from

  • If the customer rejects the initial offer, a lower-priced product is offered.
  • Add a downsell as an alternative to closing a sale
  • You can add downsells to your clickFunnels 2.0 channels

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What is a ClickFunnels 2.1 Downsell?

A downsell offer is one that is presented to a customer who has declined the initial offer. A downsell usually consists of cheaper pricing options such as a monthly payment plan or a lower priced product.

Let’s say, for example, that you created a course using ClickFunnels 2. and want to sell it for $350. You may find that this price is too high for some customers, so offer them a downsell by allowing them to pay in seven $50 monthly installments.

You could also offer a shorter version of the course or specific modules for a lower price.

What are the benefits of using a ClickFunnels v2.0 Downsell?

A downsell is an effective way to close a deal.

Even if you don’t get the entire amount up front, or if the sale is of lower value, the revenue that would otherwise have been lost can still be generated.

If the customer is happy with the product they bought, they are more likely to return and purchase from you in the future.

If they don’t buy at all, they are likely to go to another store to get what they need, and will not return to you offer.

How to Add and Create a Downsell in ClickFunnels 2.0 (Step-by-Step)

Step 1. In your ClickFunnels account, you can create a sales funnel for a product as you would normally, or use one of the templates (recipes) available.

For a downsell to work, you need an order page for your original offer and an order confirmation.

Step 2 Click on the node connecting the Order Confirmation page and the funnel editing screen.

Step 3 : Select “Conditional split path” from the menu on the left.

Step 4 : Click on “Setup your conditions” in the box which appears on the editing page.

You will be asked to select the split path conditions in a pop-up. This redirection is done to send the customer to a page that offers a lower price if they reject your initial offer.

In the provided box, give the conditional split a name. You can use “downsell option”, for example.

Select “Purchased Products” in the filter, then “is”, and then choose your original offer (not a downsell).

Once you are finished, click “Submit.”

This step tells the system that the customer will be directed to the “yes” branch if they accept your offer. If they choose not to purchase, they will be directed to the “No” branch. This is also where we place the downsell.

Step 5 Click on the node below the “No” branch in your conditional split path. Choose “Add Page” in the menu.

Step 7: Click on “New Page”, and you will be able to create a new page.

Click “Create Page” and then choose a template.

Step 8: On the workflow screen you’ll see your newly-created page with an orange triangle. You have not yet assigned a page to a product. Select the product that you’d like to use for your downsell by clicking on the triangle.

Step 8 Your workflow structure is now complete. It’s time to edit each funnel page.

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