ClickFunnels T Shirt Funnel

ClickFunnels allows users to create T-shirt funnels by using its drag and drop builder.

You can quickly create a funnel by using the recipes and templates available on the platform.

You can customize your images, text and branding as well as the product offers using this intuitive builder.

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What is a ClickFunnels t-shirt funnel?

A ClickFunnels T-shirt Funnel is a one-page website where t-shirts are sold.

The customer will be directed to the next step after completing the first one of the T-shirt funnel.

This is an example of a ClickFunnels T-shirt funnel that works in four steps:

  1. Funnel step 1– Landing page: This is one-page website. It’s a single-page website, so potential buyers won’t be distracted by clicking on other pages and will instead focus solely on purchasing the tee.
  2. Funnel – Step 2– Order Form After selecting the shirt they wish to buy, the customer will need to enter billing information and make payment.
  3. Funnel step 3 – One time offer: After the customer purchases the product, they are then directed to the third page in the funnel where they may be shown another Upsell.
  4. Funnel step 4– Order confirmation page: The order confirmation page is at the end of your funnel and shows you an electronic receipt.

ClickFunnels Tip: Add a step for a special offer to maximize your profit and increase the average order value.

How to Create a T-Shirt Funnel in ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a software with a drag and drop editor. It’s easy to create a funnel for t-shirts.

Please note that we are using ClickFunnels v2.0 to create our funnel. It may look different if you are using the legacy version.
  1. You can access your account dashboard by clicking Site & Funnels.
  2. Select Funnels from the menu.
  3. Click on Recipes to get started.
  1. Click on the Sell a product link in the pop-up.
  2. We’ll use the Product Launch Funnel in this example.
This template, by default does not include a page for a one-time-offer. We suggest you start a new funnel if you want to include that.
  1. Click Create Funnel and name your funnel.
  1. Now you will be directed to the funnel builder where you can select each step. You can also choose a template for a specific page. You’ll first need to choose the Sales page. There are several options listed.
  1. A pop-up window will appear after you select the page. It will ask for the URL, the description and the name of the page. Click Create Page to proceed.
  1. Now you can customize the sales page. Click on the Edit button when you hover over the icon.
  2. The page builder will then appear for you to make any changes.
  3. Click on the elements to edit their text, media and branding.
  4. Click Save at the top-right corner to continue.
You won’t have to link the t-shirt at this time; we will show how to do it in a later step.
  1. You can now add the order form. Click Order in the next step of the funnel.
  2. Select the order form that you prefer.
  1. You’ll have to name the order form again, and then you can add a page URL and description. Select Create Page when you are ready.
  2. Click Edit by hovering over the order step.
  1. Use the page editor again to design the page. Change the text and add your brand. You can also add images.
  2. Click Save when you are finished.
You’ll then need to connect your tee shirt product to the funnel. This step assumes you have already created your product within ClickFunnels. You can create your product in ClickFunnels if you haven’t already.

  1. Select the three dots in the order box.
  2. Then, click Add Products.
  1. On the right, a pop-up will appear. Select your T-shirt and click Add Product.

You can now create an order confirmation form.

  1. Select the Order Confirmation Box and select your template.
  2. Click Create Page and enter the URL, name and description.
  3. Click Edit in the Order Confirmation Box.
  4. You can now customize the confirmation page. We suggest that you include a message of thanks in addition to the text, images and other content.
  5. Click Save to save your work.
  1. You can now publish your t-shirt funnel. Select Settings, click the toggle under Test Mode to No, then click Update changes.
  2. Your funnel is now active.

ClickFunnels Subscription Required to Create a T-Shirt Sales Funnel

Funnels are core features of ClickFunnels 2., so they’re included in all subscription plans.

Each plan will allow you to create different numbers of funnels.

  • The Basic Plan – 20 Funnels
  • The Pro Plan – 100 Funnels
  • The Funnel Hacker Plan: Unlimited Funnels

You may need to choose a more expensive package depending on the number of t-shirt funnels that you want to make.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

  • The Basic Plan is $147 per monthly
  • The Pro Plan is $197 per month
  • The Funnel Hacker Plan is $297 per month
Purchase an annual plan and save $240 to $3,468 annually.
Features The Basic Plan The Pro Plan The Funnel Hacker Plan
Funnels 20 100 You can also find out more about
Multi-products and variations
Global Products

ClickFunnels T-Shirt Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels has a variety of templates to make creating t-shirt funnels simple and quick.

Please note that the platform refers to template as “recipes” so we’ll use both terms interchangeably.

Funnel recipes

Instead of creating the steps from scratch, you can choose a recipe. The platform has six templates for physical products. Each template is between 2 and 4 steps.

Page Recipes

ClickFunnels also has dozens of templates. These recipes are used to close out order, confirmation, upsell and sales pages.

You will find that there are already pre-built funnels for the products you want to sell.

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