ClickFunnels 2 0 Pop Ups

ClickFunnels has a feature called pop-ups that allow businesses to capture data and present special offers.

You can configure the pop-ups to appear on triggers such as when you exit, click a button, or visit a specific page.

Takeaways from

  • Lead information is collected using ClickFunnels 2.0.0 pop-ups
  • Pop-ups can be customized with a drag and drop editor
  • All ClickFunnels subscribers have access to pop-ups.

Does ClickFunnels 2 Have Pop-Ups?

ClickFunnels has a popup editor which allows businesses to create popups for existing pages.

Users can create them using a website, landing page, or a funnel.

Subscribers of the platform’s legacy ClickFunnels, Classic, might have used ClickPop to enable multiple pop-ups in one page.

ClickFunnels 2.0 lacks the ClickPop feature, and there is no comparable tool that allows multiple pop-ups.

ClickFunnels Classic Users can still access this feature.

How to add a pop-up on ClickFunnels 2.

Native pop-ups are built right into the ClickFunnels page templates.

Users don’t need to “add” pop-ups as such.

Users can change the settings and customize the popups.

Drag-and-drop the builder to change the content of the pop-up.

Users can then configure the settings by adjusting the following options.

  • Margin
  • Trigger on Exit
    • Do not show up at the exit
    • Display when the user attempts to exit
  • Trigger page load
    • Do not show up on the load
    • When the page loads, show it
  • When an element is visible, open the window
    • No element selected
    • Section
    • Row
    • Headline
    • Input
    • Button
    • Paragraph
  • Background color
  • Size
  • Position

How to customize ClickFunnels 2.0 pop-ups with animation

ClickFunnels launched version 2.0 with an animation feature that allowed users to move pop-ups on a webpage.

The platform recently deactivated the feature in order to improve it.

Some tutorials describe how to create popup animations. However, these are outdated since the feature is currently not available.

The release date of the updated and new pop-up feature is not yet known.

The platform told us, however, that the tool was frequently requested, so they might prioritize it.

We’re always on the lookout for new ClickFunnels features, so bookmark this page to check back regularly.
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