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You can monitor the performance of your business using ClickFunnels’ 2.0 built-in analytics.

You can see your page views and sales as well as opt-ins.

Your analytics will help you improve your funnels and your courses.

Takeaways from

  • Track your customer’s progress with analytics
  • You can instantly see which pages and funnels are converting.
  • Change your funnels or pages based on the data in real-time

Why should I use ClickFunnels Analytics 2.0?

ClickFunnels has analytics built in. No additional software is required to track the performance of your website.

You can use detailed analytics to track the progress of your customers, as well as see how your funnels perform and make adjustments in order to increase traffic and customer satisfaction.

  • Save time and money– Stop wasting your time or money on the same offers that are not working for the right traffic. Analytics tools can show you which offers are working and which ones are not.
  • Help Your Customers – ClickFunnels will show the progress of your customers’ course. You can track where your customers stop and then contact them to find out how they are doing. This data can be used to improve and alter your courses, if you see a pattern.
  • Improve campaigns– View sales, opt-ins and page views. This information can be used to improve your funnels.

What Plan Do I Need For ClickFunnels Analytics 2.0?

img> Alt=”Which Plan do I need for ClickFunnels Analytics 2.0?” src=”×594.png”/>

ClickFunnels 2.0 offers three different plans.

Basic Analytics is advertised as part of the Basic and Pro Plans.

Advanced Analytics advertises the Funnel Hacker Plan.

We have contacted the customer service to confirm that the features are different. They informed us that Advanced Analytics has not yet launched and there is no estimated date of launch.

All three plans offer the same analytical capabilities.

What kind of analytical data can I see on ClickFunnels?

You can see pageviews and other data in the analytics section of ClickFunnels 2.

Click on Analytics in the menu to view this information.

The Analytics tab has three tabs. There are three tabs: Overview, Reporting and Live View.

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It is exactly what it says. This section gives you an overview of all your website’s statistics.

There are several options at the top of the page.

  • Funnels Menu– This dropdown menu allows you to filter data by funnel. You can select to view All Funnels, or a specific funnel.
  • Date dropdown menu– Filter data by date range.
  • Comparing to a Period Dropdown Menu– Select whether you wish to compare the current data with a previous period, or a previous year.

Filters you select will determine what data is displayed below.

There are four buttons that show a graph underneath the filters. These four buttons are:

  • Total Pageviews
  • Total Opt Ins
  • Total Orders
  • Conversion rate

The data is shown underneath each.

Click on any of the buttons. The graph will display the data once you click on the button.

The graph can be displayed in a weekly or daily view.

Below the graph there are three sections.

  • Total Sales This is the value of all products purchased in your account.
  • Total opt-ins This chart will show you the funnel that each contact has opted in from.
  • Total Clients – The total number individual buyers that have accessed your account.


You can access several reports here. You can find the following reports here:


It will display your total net sales for all channels. This will show your gross sales including shipping, taxes and discounts, minus returns and discounts.

Click on the three options: All Sales, Sales By Funnel and Sales By Product.

By clicking on the option, you will be redirected to a new tab that shows the report.

Course Progression

Clicking on the course will take you to your ClickFunnels account’s Courses section. You can track your customer’s progress here.


Choose one of three options: All Pageviews (all pages), Pageviews By Funnel (all funnels), or Pageviews By Funnel Page. You will then be taken to a window showing the report once you have selected an option.


The opt-in reports shows you who has opted in to one of your landing page or funnels. You can view a report of All Opt Ins, Opt Ins by Funnel or Opt Ins by Landing Page.


View your monthly recurring revenue by product or date and new trials by date.

Live View

Live View is the last option in the Analytics menu.

The Live View displays events in chronological order. ClickFunnels 2.0 stores and displays events as data. These events include opt-ins and course lessons views. They also include course sections viewed, page views, topic subscriptions, and course views.

Select an event from the drop-down menu. The event will only be shown in the live view.

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