ClickFunnels Website Templates

ClickFunnels offers a variety of website templates that you can use to build your business website.

Takeaways from

  • Four free ClickFunnels 2.0 themes
  • Create your dream website by mixing and matching ClickFunnels templates.
  • There is currently no support for 3rd party templates

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Themes for ClickFunnels website

It may seem daunting to create a website when you are just starting out with your online business.

clickFunnels 2.0 offers four templates for you to use. Users can choose the theme they want to use, and then customize it according to their brand.

1. LaunchBoss Theme is Free

LaunchBoss is an excellent website template for any type of online business. It is particularly great for online businesses in wellness, coaching, and self-improvement.

Home pages should begin with a powerful marketing headline (great to capture customers who already know what they want) and an immediate call-to action. They can also include a testimonial that proves the value of your product.

The theme will then place key features to help sell your service or product in an area that is likely still showing the call-to action button. The theme provides space for you to elaborate on the benefits and features of your product or service, under the bold opening.

This theme includes testimonials and aspirational headings. It also fits all of the information onto one scrollable page, which keeps visitors interested and promotes the product. This template is perfect for taking your visitors on an focused journey towards a purchase. Its subtle color choices, bold headline font and staggered images are all designed to make it easy to navigate.

2. Hero Theme (Free).

The Hero theme can be a great option for anyone who wants to establish their professional credibility, and promote their product or service through attractive offers.

The theme puts the identity of the business owner and his personal story in the center of landing pages. This builds credibility so that visitors learn why you should be trusted and what your product or service is all about.

This theme is immediately followed by a video element that will help you build interest and retain the attention of visitors. You are also encouraged to talk about your own business journey and your personal experience. These tools are designed to increase credibility and trust.

Then, you can give visitors the impression that your contact information is readily available.

This is an excellent choice for those who want to create a personal or professional brand. It places a lot of emphasis on the personal journey you have taken and your expertise in order to attract visitors.

3. Physical Product Theme (Free).

This ClickFunnels Theme places a heavy emphasis on selling physical goods, ensuring that visitors are always close to a purchase button.

The theme uses bold headlines that are aimed at the customer. It also suggests placing a large image of a product near the top of the webpage to encourage potential customers.

The button to purchase is then immediately followed by pricing information. The theme has buttons for pricing and purchases placed at every element so that the customer is constantly reminded to buy during their visit.

This template is perfect for a website that focuses on the sale of only a few physical products.

4. Dark Course Theme – Free

Dark Course is a theme that, as you might expect, aims to provide the perfect website template for knowledge professionals, educators, and teachers.

A marketing video is the first thing that theme recommends. You and your course could be introduced in this video. Video marketing can be a great way to grab the attention of visitors and tell them about the course’s benefits while they are engaged.

The call to action is then immediately placed after the video, to capitalize on visitors that have been convinced by it and are ready to buy.

The theme will suggest that as the page advances, it includes testimonials of former subscribers and details the course materials. The theme includes a blog that will enhance the author’s credibility and personal nature.

This theme is perfect if you want to convert your online courses experience into a business.

ClickFunnels Page Templates

Page templates play a different role in ClickFunnels than themes. These templates provide users with guidance and a place to start when creating a page on their website.

Users can build the perfect website for their online business by mixing and matching 91 templates, as well as customizing the elements contained within.

Homepage Templates

Use any of the templates below to create your own homepage design and layout.

Login to Members Area

These five templates will help you create the perfect tone for your website’s login page. You can edit all elements to fine-tune what your customers will see when they access your content.

Store Template Page

Professional storefronts for your product pages can create a pleasant and easy-to-use shopping experience for customers.

Customer Center Template Page

These Customer Center templates will help you ensure that your customers can access all of the content they have purchased in a single, unified experience.

Course Template Page

Display your courses clearly and show their content so your customers know exactly what to expect next. They can also prepare for class by using one of these template pages.

Blog Page Templates

Create a blog that is visually appealing and demonstrates your expertise. ClickFunnels offers many templates for blog pages, such as the ones shown below.

Other Template Pages

Other than the templates we have shown, there are many other options that users can select. ClickFunnels offers templates for all types of pages, including a custom-made 404 page, one that shows a section of a particular course, the Coming Soon page or the checkout page.


Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels subscribers have only four website themes to choose from. As compensation, users can mix and match templates from all four themes, and modify any elements to achieve the desired level customization.

ClickFunnels is not the best platform to use if you are looking for an array of plug-and play website templates and themes that you can easily implement. Their competitors (e.g. Kajabi has more options in this area.

ClickFunnels’ website and funnel tools could be all you need to create a website that you can use today.

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