ClickFunnels Facebook Pixel

ClickFunnels allows users to add the Facebook Pixel to their site, landing page, funnel or other pages.

ClickFunnels dashboard allows you to add Facebook Pixels in the “Header Code”, or “Footer Code” sections.

The addition of tracking code is a feature. This means that ClickFunnels subscribers can add Facebook Pixel tracking.

Takeaways from

  • Facebook Pixel is available in the “Settings section” of a “Workplace”.
  • All ClickFunnels plans allow for the addition of Facebook Pixels

How to add a Facebook Pixel in ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels makes adding Facebook Pixels to a product extremely easy.

  1. ClickFunnels Dashboard:
  2. Click on “Site”
  3. Click on “Overview”
  4. Select the Settings gear icon.

You’ll then want to go to Facebook and generate a pixel that you can embed on your ClickFunnels website:

  1. Click on the Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Click “Data Sets” in the “Businesses Settings”.
  3. Click “Add”
  4. Name your new dataset.
  5. Click “Create”
Select src=”×464.png”/>
  1. Select “Open in Event Manager” after creating the event.
  1. Click “Setup Metapixel” to proceed.
  1. Click on “Install code manually.”
  1. Select “Copy Code” next.
  1. Go back to ClickFunnels, and paste the code into the ClickFunnels Header section.
There is another way to do it, and that method uses the Facebook Pixel Id box section below. The code that we pasted into the “Head Code” box must be copied and pasted in the Facebook Pixel ID box below.
  1. Click the “Update site” button on the top of the webpage to save your changes.

Now the pixel installation has been completed.

Pro-TipIf Advanced Matching is required or you want to verify that the Pixel is working, go back to Facebook Events Manager and configure it.
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