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Free Plus Shipping by lickFunnels offers visitors free products as long as they provide their e-mail address, shipping address and payment for shipping.

This strategy is used by websites to attract customers, subscribers, and prospects.

Takeaways from

  • Free plus shipping funnels give the impression that a product is free, but the customer only has to pay shipping.
  • Use this method carefully when selling small items with added value. ClickFunnels sells books using this method.

What is ClickFunnels’ “Free Plus Shipping Funnel”?

Free plus shipping funnels are a great way to acquire customers.

The “Free Plus Shipping Method” has pros and cons. If you abuse it, you may look shady.

This funnel type is perfect for both upselling as well as offering customers more convenient options for payment for items.

A customer who receives a free item will also be more likely to buy another product.

“Free Plus Shipping”, on the other hand, means that the user is giving away a free product and that only shipping and handling charges will be charged to customers.

In general, users should offer low-cost products which are valuable to their customers and match their niche. A product must be easy to access and capable of upselling.

Remember that “free” is a word that attracts people.

Free shipping increases interest and can increase your sales potential.

The “Free Plus Shipping Funnel” Method has its pros

You can use the “Free Plus Shipping Method” to get the following benefits:

  • 93% of customers choose “Free Plus Shipping” to discounts. Free shipping has become the norm for online shoppers.
  • Offer Free Shipping to increase the size of your basket. According to the BigCommerce report, offering free shipping can increase average order values by 30%.
  • Free shipping reduces basket abandonment. Cart abandonment is often caused by additional charges.

The “Free Plus Shipping Funnel” Method has its Cons

The “Free Plus Shipping funnel” method has the following disadvantages:

  • Increased Returns – This is the process of increasing returns by converting those customers who aren’t in the right stage.
  • Costs of doing business will increase if you don’t manage the “Free Plus Shipping funnel” carefully.
  • Increased product price – To cover shipping costs you may have to increase your product prices dramatically, which makes it difficult to compete.

What product to give away and how to market it

The “Free Plus Shipping”, funnel is one of the most popular methods for drop-shipping. The “Free Plus Shipping”, although they come with a certain risk, can be very rewarding.

Drop-shippers use “Free Plus Shipping”, a funnel, to sell items such as DVDs and books, eBooks, Jewelry, T-shirts, Mugs, and value-added products.

You need to be able to determine which products you should give away, and how best to market them. Facebook and other social media platforms are excellent for advertising. They can also help you to acquire new prospects quickly.

Your e-mail database will grow significantly if you post and share “Free Plus Shipping Offers”.

When choosing funnels with free shipping, it is important to make sure that the products fit your niche. Also, you should ensure that your shipping costs are reasonable. You must carefully consider these factors when selecting a product for sale:

  • Your area of expertise – your niche
  • What is your budget?
  • Source items that are affordable and provide value for your customers
  • Online bulk purchases of products at lower prices than retail stores
  • Buying products directly from manufacturers will increase the value of your brand
  • Products that are market-appropriate
  • What marketing approach you would like to take
  • Finding popular products that will appeal to consumers
  • What type of profit margin system do you plan to use?

Structure the “Free Plus Shipping Offer”

This strategy is a great way to build your subscriber list quickly and increase sales while making a profit. After you’ve chosen your products, make sure to carefully calculate the shipping and handling charges. Bundling similar products can maximize your product’s effectiveness.

Here are some examples of how to make money using the method “free plus shipping”.

1) The bestseller – You discover a book that normally sells for $19.99 but you only pay $8. The book can be sold for $0, and you will receive $15.99 in shipping and delivery charges.

2) The charm bracelet. This item normally costs $16.99 but can be purchased for only $6. The bracelet can be sold for $0, and you will receive $13.99 in shipping and delivery charges.

You should offer your customers upsell and downsell to really boost the Free Plus Shipping Funnel.

Step 1: Offer an affordable and relevant product

It is important to offer products that are both cheap and add value.

If the shipping and handling costs of the product are not reasonable, you may ruin your reputation as well as the seller’s. If possible, buy bulk items from popular categories directly through manufacturers.

You might want to consider buying art supplies like paintbrushes and paint tints.

If you run a business selling pet supplies, you might focus on collars, pet toys and food dishes.

Step 2: Add products to Upsell and downsell

Once you have identified your target market you can choose products that appeal to them. Vegetarians shouldn’t be sold meat knives.

After you’ve chosen your product, ensure that the shipping and handling prices are in line with the price. If you use this method incorrectly, it could damage the reputation of the seller.

You should select high-end products that are comparable to the original products you chose for your free plus shipping funnel.

You can offer the same product at a cheaper price by downselling. The business will be able to generate more profit by selling lower priced products.

Step #3: Use ClickFunnels Page Templates for Structuring Your Offer

Create your “Free Plus Shipping funnel” once your details are complete. ClickFunnels templates are easy to use, so there’s no need to worry if you’re a beginner.

You will be ready in no-time and one step closer to a high conversion rate.

ClickFunnels has all of the pages that you’ll need to build a “Free Plus Shipping”, funnel.

The pages are already designed. You only need to add your brand and customize the design.

  • Free Plus Shipping Offer Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Upsell & Downsell Page
  • Thank You Page

ClickFunnels’ tools will help you manage and promote products that are beneficial to you as well as your customers.

ClickFunnels provides you with the tools to manage your offer, checkout pages, sales pages, and thank you pages.

You can read more about it here:

We know that 93% online shoppers prefer “Free Plus Shipping”.

You can succeed if you design the right product offers that include free shipping. You will convert quickly if you know your market, do your maths correctly, choose value-adding items, and select the right products.

We have provided you with tips to help you create a successful “Free Plus Shipping”, ClickFunnels funnel. If you use “Free Plus Shipping”, it can be highly lucrative.

Offering “Free Plus Shipping”, correctly priced products will help you attract customers who are likely to convert, and hopefully buy more than the tripwire product.

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