ClickFunnels Certification Program

ClickFunnels offers more than just funnel building. In 2016, the site offered a comprehensive (12-week) program called “Certified Partners.”

ClickFunnels evaluated the program since then and has chosen , a more cost effective alternative which it claims to be more beneficial for users.

This article will examine the benefits and costs of the program.

What is the ClickFunnels Partner Program?

ClickFunnels created the training program to train funnel consultants.

The goal was to create a tool that would help ClickFunnels customers learn how to build successful sales funnels and give them all the features and tools to do so.

Users will be officially recognized as “certified partners” at the end of the programme. Their names are listed on the Partner page to make it easy for users to access.

The cost of the program was $10,000 with these benefits:

  • Twelve weeks of Project Delivery and Systematic Training
  • For a full year, you can enjoy free access to the Etison Plan.
  • Staff provide comprehensive support
  • A Consultant Dashboard
  • Credibility and ease of leads for users

ClickFunnels Certification Program Alternative – OFA Platinum

ClickFunnels improved the original Certified Partners Program, and now offers users an even better deal through the OFA Platinum Challenge. The $997 price tag is much more affordable.

Bonuses have been added to the training materials.

The training period is now 30 days, down from 12 weeks.

This is because the program requires daily commitment and is intensive. This package includes:

  • A demanding 30-day program
  • ClickFunnels’ Platinum Plan is available for six months.
  • A Success Agent is assigned
  • “30 Days” e-book
  • The “Secrets Trilogy” Live Masterclasses: Dotcom, Traffic and Experts Secrets

We give this program our approval because it offers excellent training materials. You can also save money by choosing the Platinum Plan, which costs only $166 a month instead of the usual $297.

Compare the ClickFunnels Certification Program with OFA Platinum Program

We feel obligated to compare the OFA Platinum Challenge to the Certified Partners Program that ClickFunnels used to offer.

OFA Platinum Challenge is both cost-effective and time-saving.

Pricing Comparison

The original Certified Partners Program, at $10,000 per course, was an expensive investment.

We are glad ClickFunnels has decided to restructure its course, offering a price point that is much more affordable at $997.

We can also see why the OFA Platinum Challenge has more features.

Certified Partners Program includes:

  • The 12-week program covered everything from funnel strategy, to affiliate programs, and sales copy.
  • Platinum Plan was free to you.
  • Access to the latest innovations on the platform
  • A consultant dashboard
  • Credibility and leads

The OFA Platinum Challenge provides access to:

  • A 30-day intensive course
  • Live coaching videos
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Bonus private training
  • Free e-book

Comparing Training Quality

The old program included extensive modules that covered the entire period.

The modules began with a discussion of funnel strategies, to familiarize users with the sales funnels. They then delved deeper into six core funnels architecture.

Even the modules for design, sales copy and funnel scripts as well as optimization are available.


  • Curriculum that is well-designed
  • Platinum Plan Access for Free


  • Prices increase with a longer wait time

The new OFA Platinum Challenge is a more interactive and personal approach, with Russell Brunson as the live coach and other implementation coaches.

The new program allows you to access everything for 30 consecutive days. This is a much more relaxed program, according to us.


  • Complete the program with more freedom
  • More Interactive Videos
  • Download a free e-book
  • Shorter time
  • Affordable

Comparative Analysis

The OFA Platinum Challenge offers users greater flexibility than the ClickFunnels original Certification Program.

The new program costs much less and takes just one month to complete.

You will gain more credibility and improve your lead conversion by completing either program.

Both programs include bonus materials such as the “30 Days e-book” and unlimited access to interviews from “30 Day”.

The latest program offers a more comprehensive look at Two Comma Club Funnels.

The old Certification Program provided access to the latest inventions, exclusive support and a simple-to-use consultant dashboard.

Bottom Line

ClickFunnels replaced its ClickFunnels certified partners program with the more valuable and efficient OFA Platinum Challenge.

The OFA Platinum Challenge condenses the course into a 30 day program at a more affordable cost.

After completing the course, users instantly gain credibility by having access to private training and coaching videos.

OFA Platinum Challenge offers bonus materials such as an e-book “30 Days”, a “30 Day” interview, and unlimited access.

The original Certification Program has been discontinued, but the new program is still better.

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