ClickFunnels Actionetics

ClickFunnels has created a tool to make it easier for you to communicate directly with your visitors. ClickFunnels renamed a tool that was previously known as “Actionetics” to “Follow Up Funnels.”

You can also use it to track down visitors who are interested in your product and increase sales.

You can also compare it with other independent email automation tools.

ClickFunnels’ Follow-Up Funnels are an email marketing and automation tool that is available to Platinum Plan members.

What is Actionetics?

Actionetics is the predecessor to Follow-Up Funnels. This tool lets you send emails directly to your visitors right from within ClickFunnels.

It is also easy to customize eMail Subscriber Lists, Smart Lists, SMTP Servers, and Follow-Up funnels.

This is a great addition to any front-end funnels, as it allows users the opportunity to develop relationships with visitors.

Users can build a relationship with visitors through newsletters, broadcasts and personalized emails, with the hope of converting them to paying customers.

Actionetics is an intelligent way to encourage all visitors of a page to purchase a product.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Actionetics: Pros & Con

Our experts have found a few features that they really enjoy about ClickFunnels Follow-Up Funnels.

We also have to consider the downsides of each ClickFunnels tool or feature.

Here’s a list of pros and cons that is completely transparent:

ClickFunnels Actionetics Pros

The following features are highly rated by our experts:

  • Smart Lists for Automatic Email Segmentation

Smart Lists (also known as Follow-Up Funnels) make it simple to create customized email lists for different target markets. Segmentation of e-mails is based on a set of personalized rules also called ‘common triggers’.

  • Unlimited Emails

There is no limit on the number of emails, newsletters or broadcasts you can send, regardless of how many subscribers are on your list.

  • Create and automate processes with ease

The Follow-Up Funnels Tool is easy to use, unlike many other email marketing processes. It is easy to add Smart Lists, customized messages, and email categories.

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Users must integrate Actionetics with an SMTP server to use the service. Using SMTP has the main benefit of not restricting affiliate links. Users have also reported other benefits of using SMTP, such as quick e mail delivery and reliability.

  • Social Media and Text Notifications

This tool makes it easy to communicate across different platforms. Users can send alerts through text messages or social media channels. Personal communication is now more accessible.

ClickFunnels Actionetics Cons

Here are some things that our experts did not like:

  • A large investment for small lists

ClickFunnels Platinum Plan Members can only access Actionetics.

The monthly plan costs $297. It can be a costly investment for small companies.

  • No Custom Fields

There are no complex customization options.

Users can customize messages, names, logos and other basic items.

  • Facebook Messenger Update Makes Some Features Obsolete

You’d expect that since Actionetics offers a Facebook Messenger bot, it would automatically update with the social media messenger.

Some Actionetics features will become obsolete when Facebook updates Messenger.

  • Only relevant for ClickFunnels users

The tool cannot be integrated into any other digital marketing platform. The tool is only available through ClickFunnels membership and an account.

ClickFunnels Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels) Features

ClickFunnels Actionetics is a powerful tool that has many features. Our experts are big fans. Here are the most important ones:

Email Lists

Users can add as many contacts as they want to their email lists. Smart Lists makes it easy to categorize and create lists.

After using this feature we found that it is a little tedious to remove contacts from an email list. There is no bulk deletion feature.


Send marketing and broadcast materials to multiple email lists all at once.

Text Messaging

Sending personalized messages and notifications via text message to the phones of visitors can increase communication.

Smart Lists

Smart Lists is one of Actionetics’ best features. This tool creates e-mail segments using common triggers.


Autoresponders allows you to customize your responses to customer questions to improve customer service and communication.

Data and Statistics

Users can access detailed analytics about e-mail behaviour. You can see, for example, who opened the email, made a purchase and clicked on the landing pages.

ClickFunnels Actionetics Pricing

Platinum members can only access the Actionetics tool (Follow Up Funnels).

The Platinum plan is $297 per monthly, and an upgrade from ClickFunnels’ basic starter plan costs $97.

There are many benefits to the plan, including:

  • Unlimited Pages
  • 9 payment gateways
  • There are 9 different domains.
  • Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
  • Priority Support
  • FunnelFlix

These benefits are a great value. Users who are looking to increase conversion rates and scale their online business will find the Platinum plan ideal.

This feature is a great benefit for established companies that have large email subscriber lists. It allows them to send follow-up emails to any visitor who lands on their landing page.

Bottom Line

Actionetics is an excellent tool that comes with the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan.

Users can get all the eMail marketing tools for $297 per month. This includes this follow-up email marketing strategy.

Users can contact visitors to their pages through various communication platforms, such as text messaging, Facebook Messenger, and email broadcasting. You can send unlimited emails and messages to unlimited contacts.

Smart Lists allow for easier creation of categorized email groups, and better conversions. By converting website visitors into paying clients, the follow-up function is sure to increase sales.

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