ClickFunnels 37 Plan

Our team has seen a number of articles that claim this plan is real, but they all look like scams.

Most don’t provide the exact details about a ClickFunnels plan for $37 either. Readers aren’t sure what the features and limitations are.

We checked all the records, including those from ClickFunnels.

This article provides you with the most recent and concise information regarding this $37 deal.

We’ll also look at a few genuine ClickFunnels plans that aren’t too costly. These two plans offer far more features than ClickFunnels’ $37 plan.

ClickFunnels $37 Plan

This method is no more available for users. There’s an even better deal below.

ClickFunnels used to use it as a strategy for downselling, but now they offer it in order to retain clients. ClickFunnels offered this option to users who had already paid for a plan, or were testing a trial.

This plan imposed a strict limit on the number of page views per month – 5,000. The plan also restricted users to only building 20 pages and five funnels.

ClickFunnels’ lowest plan costs $97 per month. It includes more than sufficient features for building sales funnels.

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How to get a $37 plan

Since the ClickFunnels $37 plan is no more available, we are only able to advise on what users were required to do previously:

  1. Sign up for a Free Trial.
  2. Choose the “Settings menu”. You can cancel your account by going to “Account Billing”.
  3. ClickFunnels offered a $37 downsell to users who requested cancellation.
  4. Take advantage of the offer for $37 per month.

ClickFunnels Plan for $37: Alternatives

Although the $37 plan may look attractive, it is better to invest in one with more features as well as room for your business to grow.

Two options stand out. The Basic plan is $97 per monthly and the ofa platinum 6-month challenge costs $166.16.

Basic plan users can create up to 100 pages and 20 funnels. The price is $80 per month if you pay annually.

You would need to pay upfront for six months of the OFA Platinum Challenge. However, it’s a fantastic deal. This package includes unlimited pages, visitors and funnels. It is especially useful for new users.

What you Get for $37 ClickFunnels plan

Do not be disappointed if this plan has been discontinued.

There were some downsides, even though the pricing is a lot more attractive than the ClickFunnels premium plans.

The plan only allowed for 5,000 page views, you could build only five funnels and only 20 pages.This meant that the plan could not be scaled and was only suitable for small campaigns.

ClickFunnels offers a variety of pricing options to suit your needs.

You can read more about it here:

It is perfectly acceptable to offer a lower price to customers who are hesitant.

ClickFunnels simply wanted to provide a cheaper option. The limitations of the plan also justified the reduction in price.

The offer was based on logical reasoning. It was more profitable to keep customers than lose them. ClickFunnels acted in the best interest of its customers by offering a cheaper plan.

Unfortunately, there are many online scams. Any current offer for a $37 plan that is currently available is false.

Using the above payment plans, you can spend your money wisely.

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