ClickFunnels Email Templates

ClickFunnels has 38 native templates for email and allows businesses to create custom templates.

All subscription plans include email templates, which can be found in the Workflows area.

Takeaways from

1. Booking Confirmation

This email template is a simple way to review the details of an order that a client has made.

The dynamic element [guest_name] automatically adds to the list the name of the individual who made the reservation.

2. Give Kids A Smile Day

Give Kids a Smile Day is a unique design that features images and colors.

The offer also includes a call to action “Join Now!” to encourage contacts to sign-up for the deal.

3. B2B Year in Review

B2B year in review is a way for companies to update investors on their performance.

ClickFunnels allows users to embed links for digital downloads.

4. Basic E-Commerce

This basic E-Commerce template was designed to help users promote their products to their contacts.

The template includes six products with their images, names and prices, as well as links.

5. Black Friday Fitness Discount

The Black Friday Discount Template has an eye-catching design. “Sale’ text changes from white to green.

The bottom of the template also includes social media icons that allow customers to contact the company via their preferred platform.

6. Black Friday is Coming

This elegant Black Friday Is Coming email template includes clear calls-to-action throughout by displaying special offers.

Customers can also compare prices to see the savings they could make on their purchases.

7. Black Friday tech retailer sale

Black Friday’s Tech Retailer Sale by ClickFunnels allows businesses with a wide product range to advertise and display their special offers.

ClickFunnels has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of its template. This makes it compliant with advertising laws in many countries.

8. Celebrate Singles Day

This ClickFunnels template shows users how to use a special day and occasion to promote an event.

This time, the voucher is for a Fitness Class.

9. Discover Your Palate With Us

Subscribe to the Develop Your Palate with Us website for subscription plans.

Three subscription plans are available, so customers can choose the one that’s best for them.

10. Donate Today

Donate Today is a template that allows charities to raise money by giving readers sections where they can read about their work and mission.

Every section of the template has a call to action, designed to raise more money.

11. Each Wine Has a Story

The template includes detailed descriptions of each business and a timeline for the company’s development.

A few products are available for purchase at the bottom.

The newsletter and soft-sale email is a great way to connect with customers and advertise their products.

12. Find Your Zen Mindfulness App 2.

Find Your Zen is a template for an email that promotes apps. It displays features, the reasons why people would download the app, and the plans available.

The top of the email has five links to help people who are interested in the app jump directly to the information that they want to consume.

13. Fly Free Offer

Fly Free Offer template is for retailers with multiple product categories. Each section has a different offer, product description and call-to action button.

The email also includes icons that show the benefits of buying from them.

14. Fundraising for Ukraine 2022

This template shows how a charity could raise money to support a particular cause. In this case, it would be for the victims of war in Ukraine.

The elements should describe the donation and the cause.

15. Gallery Exhibition Confirmation email

This email is sent to confirm ticket purchases and includes important event information.

This confirmation ticket displays the QR code to enter and other details such as date, location and price.

16. Give a gift. Change a life.

The template Give a gift contains images and text about a charity or its cause. Change a life.

The template offers subscriptions for donations. Charities can use these options to describe the way the money is used.

17. Hat Madness Hat Madness!

This template is designed for a site with a specific niche that offers the recipient varying product options.

Customers can choose to either view the entire collection by clicking through or select specific hats.

18. Hiring Made Simple

Hiring Simplified is an email template that recruitment agencies can send to job-seekers.

The template displays many logos of brands with which the sender has previously worked, lending credibility to their company.

19. Holiday Gift Guide

Customers can use the 25% discount and code in the Holiday Gift Guide Template.

As recipients scroll through the email they can see all of the products that are included in the offer.

20. No Joke

It’s No Joke is also a template for a product offering.

In the email, there is a banner that highlights the offer of free shipping. This can increase the value of the order.

21. Let Us Host the 2022 NHL Classic

This template is for bars and venues that host sporting events. It can be sent to patrons.

The website advertises sporting events, offers special drinks, and allows customers to book a table.

The email template includes a video that can encourage recipients to click and act on the offer.

22. Memorial Day Flash Sale

Memorial Day Flash Sale template is for businesses that want to have sales on the holiday.

The email has a timer to let you know when the sale is going to start.

23. National Motorcycle Week Time

National Motorcycle Week Time invites you to the event by displaying information about the event and its sponsors. It also tells you how to buy tickets.

The bottom of the webpage has a telephone number for attendees to call with any questions.

24. Mother’s Day Shopping

The Mother’s Day email promotion is a marketing campaign for a cosmetics company.

Customers may want to buy the product locally. There is a link on the bottom that will help them find their nearest store.

25. Small Business Saturday – Pottery Shop

Small businesses can use the Small Business Saturday email templates to communicate with their customers. They can list customer reviews and let them know about their business.

The bottom of the email contains a call to action to encourage customers to make purchases from your online store.

26. Shop Retailer Black Friday Sale

This email template from Shop Retailer Black Friday Sale is perfect for promoting a particular sale or offer that businesses may have.

This email has also been added with a scarcity factor by adding “sales end at midnight”. The aim is to encourage the customer to act.

27. Black Friday Sports E-Commerce

Another template to advertise a sale is the Sports E-Commerce Black Friday Template.

It also includes the discount for each product.

28. Listen to Our Podcast

This template provides information to the listeners on the next podcast episode, the links to previous episodes and where they can listen to them.

29. World Mental Health Day

This template allows a business advertise their product by linking it with a global event. In this case, World Mental Health Day.

Users can tell the customer how their product can improve their mental health in the email.

30. WWD – World Water Day

World Water Day Template is for environmental charities to educate their subscribers on the importance of World Water Day and how they can assist.

Other businesses could use this template to tie their business or charity to a charitable event or day.

31. The Best of 2021 Music

This template will help an audio app company inform their customers of the content that they enjoy most over a period of a year.

This template can be used by other companies to create tables based on behavior or content consumption.

32. Your box is on its way!

Your Box is on its Way! src=”×701.png”/>

Your box is on its way! This template will let the customer know when their order has shipped.

The email also includes a discount to encourage customers to return to the website and make another order.

33. Russell Brunson Style

The Russell Brunson Style is a simple text-only template that tells the story of a company to its subscribers.

This page is intended to inform customers of the benefits of upgrading.

34. Full Newsletter

This template is an email with a longer format that tells the subscribers all about the latest business news. It also has some links buttons at the bottom of the message to get the subscribers started.

35. Basic Newsletter

This email template consists almost entirely of text, with some screenshots, suggestions, and tips.

All businesses can use it to keep in touch with their customers.

36. Classic Email Template 1.

This Classic Email Template 1 will help companies advertise their products in a short and simple email.

The footer has links to complementary products and additional links. It also includes blank banners where users can add images.

37. Classic Email Template 2.

This template can be used to send an email to a customer after they have signed up for a mailing list or bought a product.

This can be used for any product or business, since it explains the reasons why a company developed the product and its benefits to the customer.

38. Classic Email Template 3.

Classic Email Template 3 is perfect for newsletters, as it tells the story of each member and introduces them to your team.

The email also includes links to different software, books, communities, and training that may interest subscribers.

How to create a ClickFunnels Email Template

Creating a ClickFunnels email template is easy:

  1. From your ClickFunnels 2.0 dashboard, select “Marketing.”
  2. Click on “Email Templates.”
  3. Select the “Create template” icon.
  1. Now you’ll need to enter the subject and name of your template.
  2. Select “Create template” when you are finished.
  1. Drag the content blocks to the page by clicking on them and dragging.
  2. Select “Save and Exit” when you are ready.
img Alt=”Save and Exit.” src=”×494.png”/>

You can now use the template and view it in “My Templates”.

ClickFunnels 2.0 Email Template Subscription Requirements

The core features of ClickFunnels 2 include the ability to access email templates and create your own.

All three ClickFunnels 2.o subscription plans are able to access and create these.

ClickFunnels 2.0 Subscription Plans Email Template Access Template Builder
The Basic Plan
The Pro Plan
The Funnel Hacker Plan

ClickFunnels’ 2.0 subscription plans include:

Customers can save up to $3468 annually with the annual discount offered by Pro-TipClickFunnels 2.
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