ClickFunnels Marketplace

ClickFunnels makes it easy to build a complete sales and marketing funnel with just a few simple clicks.

The platform also offers a marketplace where you can find a variety of funnels that are already designed to suit your online marketing and business goals.

This section outlines how the marketplace simplifies the process for getting a funnel that is fully customized.

What is ClickFunnels Market?

The ClickFunnels marketplace is an ecommerce platform with a variety of funnel templates and other services that are tailored for various online businesses.

The marketplace is a great place for active ClickFunnels customers to sell or purchase a variety pre-tested funnels created by other Clickfunnels members. These templates are available either for free or at a cost.

Users of Clickfunnels can provide two types assistance via the marketplace: templates and expert services. You can find pre-built templates under Templates. Expert services offers a customized funnel with a personal design.

You can choose from a wide range of services and funnels on the ClickFunnels marketplace.

Best ClickFunnels Marketplace Templates

We’ve selected five best ClickFunnels marketplace templates.

B2B – Bridge Funnel

  • $147
  • Blake Nubar is the ClickFunnels 8 Figure Award winner.

This funnel is a powerful tool for any B2B business that provides services.

It is enough to alter the text of your offer to ensure that it appeals to your intended audience.

This funnel comes with a proven email program to help you solidify your leads.

The Squeeze Page includes:

  • Clear headline
  • A prominent opt-in form
  • Big call-to action (CTA), buttons
  • The clear text section and the icon section

It is a simple way to persuade your customers to purchase. It includes:

  • A headline and subheading that is enticing
  • An explainer video
  • Large call-to action button
  • Credibility is built through testimonials

Diet & weight loss offers Two-Step tripwire funnel supplement – free trial product offer

  • $147
  • Created by DoMy.Site

This example is a free trial that customers are only charged for shipping.

This funnel is great for weight loss products.

The Checkout page contains

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • Video and text explaining offer
  • Two-step order form
  • Additional products available

After completing the form, customers are taken to the Upsell page or One-Time Offer (OTO) where they can make additions to their order.

When your visitor rejects your offer they are redirected to your Downsell Page. On the receipt page you can display your other offers.

Foodie – Cancellation Funnel

  • Free
  • ClickFunnels Created by ClickFunnels

A cancellation funnel’s goal is to prevent a customer from canceling a service or returning a product.

You can use the first page to ask questions and get feedback to try to save a sale.

You can solve the problem by sending a video or guide, or allowing them to temporarily suspend their account.

You can use the article page to display an attractive free offer, such as a e-book. This will encourage them to return.

As the title of the Quiz Page suggests: Keep it short. Customers won’t spend much time filling in the quiz.

MLM Network Marketing Optin & Sale Page Funnel

  • $147
  • Created By Sean Olson,

This example shows a network marketing service offered by a multilevel marketing company. This funnel is mobile optimized and can bring in new customers, as well as affiliates.

The Opt-in Page shares with images and text the CBD benefits in a brief manner. Each call to action button links to an opt-in form with a single field. Each button is strategically placed. For example, beneath copy blocks that are compelling.

You can edit and add an explainer-video to the section that showcases your products on the Sales Page.

The grids and icons are a great way to highlight the USPs of the product. The beautifully designed sections help to build trust and explain the company’s mission.

AliExpress Sales Funnel

  • $47
  • Created by Nathan Williams

AliExpress allows you to dropship items, beginning with a two step sales page.

This funnel begins with a simple web page that displays an image of your products, a brief description, and a form for ordering.

The customer can add more than one item to the order form and receive discounts for multiple purchases. You can also include a bump-offer.

Next, the OTO page appears. This usually offers a complementary product to the one you just bought. This page will take you to another OTO presentation of a different product.

You can display more products on the order confirmation page if you think that your customers will be interested.

Always choose complementary products for your OTO pages. Relevant products increase the likelihood that customers will purchase them and thus increase customer loyalty.

How Does ClickFunnels Market Work?

Custom Design is a page on the website where professional funnel designers offer their expertise to clients.

You can review the profiles of the ClickFunnels creators and make a decision based on the information you find.

Each profile includes a bio section that highlights their expertise in a particular type of funnel as well as past works.

You can easily judge if they are the right fit for your project based on the amount of information that is provided.

ClickFunnels also has a number of guidelines that creators must follow, including:

  • All templates must be editable, and free of large sections of code.
  • The code may not be related to email, autoresponder, services or any other service which collects personal information from others.
  • The submissions must not contain any content that promotes spam or pyramid schemes.

How to Sell on ClickFunnels’ Marketplace

You must meet two criteria to qualify as a ClickFunnels Marketplace vendor. You must first have an existing sales funnel.

Second, your Clickfunnels account must be integrated with Stripe.

Follow these simple steps to become a ClickFunnels Marketplace vendor:

  1. Access the Marketplace by logging into your Clickfunnels account.
  2. Click “Become a Seller.”
  3. Complete your seller profile by filling in all the necessary details.
  4. Connect your Stripe account to the marketplace and process payments.
  5. Click on My Products and then New Product to add your first funnel.
  6. Choose your funnel template and enter all required information.
  7. Click “Submit for review” after saving the file.

Please note that the ClickFunnels product team will review any submissions. Your request will be approved or denied via email.

Bottom Line

We have explained that the ClickFunnels Marketplace can be easily navigated if you simply follow our instructions.

You can save a lot of time by using this method if you have never made funnels before.

The ClickFunnels marketplace is another resource that’s easily accessible. It combines the experience of experienced users and a variety of funnels. Pre-built funnels are available at affordable prices.

Hire an expert to help you build the perfect funnel.

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