ClickFunnels Physical Products

ClickFunnels offers a great platform to sell physical products, as it allows you to create sales funnels that convert well.

ClickFunnels features for selling physical products:

  • Automate your email & funnels
  • Pre-made templates
  • Split Testing
  • Support for additional integration

This is a one-stop-shop that allows you to create your entire sales page, from the landing page through the checkout page. It’s all completely customizable using a drag-and drop editor.

ClickFunnels is one of the most popular platforms because it offers a consolidated way to create an online presence for physical products.

Does ClickFunnels work with physical products?

ClickFunnels is a great tool for selling products online.

ClickFunnels has a number of pre-built templates, and you can create your own product funnels using the drag-and drop editor. is not required. You do NOT need to have any coding knowledge.

These funnels allow you to guide your customers through a series marketing actions that highlight your products.

Steps to building a sales funnel that converts well for physical products.

Top ClickFunnels features for selling physical products

ClickFunnels offers a range of features for building high-converting sales funnels.

Our expertise as ecommerce professionals will be used to quickly review some of the top ClickFunnels Features, such as integrations, Automations, Pre-Made templates, and Split-Testing.

Other features include:


ClickFunnels’ API allows you to integrate third-party applications with the service.

You can integrate a variety of tools, such as autoresponders and webinar integrations. Integrations can also include:

  • Payment Gateway Integrations – Fall into two categories: and Third-Party Product Access. ClickFunnels API Payment Gateways allow for payments to be made on products created in the platform. Third-party integrations allow for payments to be made via external platforms. API Payment Gateway Integrations include Stripe, PayPal, Recurly, NMI, and Keap.
  • EasyPost can be integrated into ClickFunnels for delivery integrations. When customers purchase your physical products, this integration allows you to calculate shipping automatically with services such as UPS, USPS FedEx and DHL. DropStream, Disc Delivered Kunaki and Shopify are other delivery integrations.
  • Sales tax integration – Avalara Sales Tax automates tax compliance across the nation and internationally. Avalara AvaTax allows you to collect sales tax for multiple states.


Automation of funnels will help you stay organized, informed and in touch with your customers. Automations can include managing contact lists, tags and receiving emails. This automation can send SMS messages and e-mails.

Automated software helps manage tasks such as lead scoring, tracking customer behavior, and sending email campaigns.

You can learn more about the behavior of your customers and customize their experience. This will ensure that the right content is delivered at the right moment.

You could, for example, send an automated email to those visitors who don’t complete the order.

You can also use the same system to send automatic e-mails from your Thank You Page.

Pre-Made Templates

ClickFunnels has over 100 templates that you can use. Some templates are free and others cost money. You can easily and quickly add a new sales page using existing templates.

Drag-and-drop editing allows you to easily customize these pre-built templates. Customization allows you to move certain areas as desired. You can, for example, customize the color, font and typography of your call-to action buttons.

Save a page to a template for your personal pages. This allows you to reuse the same design across multiple pages. This allows you to reuse the design of your funnel template and saves time.

Split Testing

Split tests are used to determine which features of a website generate the highest conversion rates. Split testing landing pages, for example, is a way to make sure your sales funnels evolve and are trending.

You can create two landing pages with slightly different contents to see which one converts the best. You should create two landing pages with a minimal amount of differences to see what keeps your customers on the page, and what makes them abandon it.

Testing repeatedly helps you to create a funnel that is:

  • Conversions increase
  • Engagement increases
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Helps to achieve company and product success

ClickFunnels Physical Product Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels’ physical product funnel templates are designed to maximize conversions. Explore the following templates: Amazon Flash Sale Funnel StoreFront Funnel and Free Product Launch Funnel.

You can also offer coupons with the Amazon Flash Sale funnel. You can create a visually appealing funnel using the StoreFront template.

The free Product Launch Funnel is ideal for launching new physical products.

Note!ClickFunnels is very effective with physical products. No prior coding experience is required, only a willingness to learn. These steps are designed to be clear. Just pick a template that suits your needs, customize it using the editor, then add any necessary information, and finally create an order confirmation.

Amazon Flash Sale Funnel – Template

  • Costs $97
  • Two-step funnel including opt-in pages and sales pages
  • Customize your own product
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Include custom CSS code

The Amazon coupon code sales funnel and ecommerce funnel will be $97.

This is a two step funnel with opt-in pages and sales pages. The template is mobile optimized and 100% customizable, so your pages will be visible on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers.

In exchange for the customer’s email address, you can offer a coupon code or even more products.

Amazon’s Flash Sale Funnel Template allows you to create attractive offers which will help you sell physical products online. Amazon’s coupon codes and ecommerce funnel are effective in terms of optimizing conversions.

Amazon Flash Sale Funnel Template contains custom CSS code to allow an overflow section appear above another section specified.

This code can be modified to reflect the CSS section ID of the section that you want to display at the top.

You must save your page after making any changes in the editor to see the visual effects.

This template is best suited for Amazon coupons and flash sales.

Storefront Funnel Template

  • Costs $147 when you buy a $97 offer
  • Included are various pages, such as the sales page for products and the about page
  • Customized Fully
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Instructions for custom coding

Storefront Funnel Template offers a 6-page website with a modern design that costs $147. This limited-time deal is $97.

This funnel template can be used to sell physical goods. ClickFunnels designed the Storefront Funnel template in order to help your business stand out and maximize conversions.

The product comes with the Ork Storefront. It also includes a Home Page, Shop Page, Product Sales Page, and an About Us page.

This template also includes a variety of color schemes, typefaces, and instructions. This template is also fully customizable, making it accessible to users of desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

This funnel is ready to use. You don’t need to edit it.

Storefront Physical Product Funnel provides you with all the tools to create a high-converting sales funnel. This includes style guides and custom code instructions.

This template is best for people who want to create a complete storefront that showcases their products.

Free Product Launch Funnel template

  • Fully customizable and mobile friendly
  • Additions of video to create hype
  • Two-step funnel
  • Pages of opt-in and sale
  • Enjoy Free Shipping

Lead generation and sales can be made easy with the free product funnel template. This is a 2-step funnel that includes opt-in pages and sales pages. It is also 100% customizable, mobile-friendly and compatible with all ClickFunnels Templates.

The mobile-friendly interface and ease of use allows you to promote and introduce products in a manner that maximizes conversions on all devices.

Launch pages are a great tool to demonstrate the value of a new product before presenting any paid offers. Product Launch Funnels are most often used for offers with a mid-to high-ticket value. You can use them to increase the confidence of your customers when they purchase higher priced products.

Video can be used to build anticipation for your product and encourage people to buy it on the launch date. Sign up for the pre-sale videos on the opt-in webpage.

You can start your launch sequence on page 2. Every day, more videos are released to maintain the excitement. You can release a new video once your product is ready to launch.

ClickFunnels redirects the customer to a confirmation page after they have placed an order.

This is the template that’s recommended for users who want to build hype for a new product launch. It’s also free!

Use ClickFunnels to Sell Physical Products

We know that certain factors can lead to negative reactions from customers.

Here are some tips for e-commerce stores that sell physical goods to overcome common challenges.

Taking on the issue of shipping costs:

  • Reduce the shipping distance
  • Weigh and reduce the dimensions of packages
  • Get discounted shipping rates

Building trust:

  • Contact details, relevant information and contact details should be readily available
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Publish relevant value-adding blog posts
  • Use live chat
  • Transparency in refund and return policies is essential

Aiming for a competitive advantage over competitors such as Amazon or larger retailers.

  • Offer products that offer unique value.
  • Reduce your profit margin
  • Negotiate with your supplier to get a better price

Avoid the “does it fit?” dilemma:

  • Size charts should be checked to ensure that they are accurate for each product.
  • Try out familiar brands
  • Size your products using the appropriate algorithms
  • Size charts are available for comparison.

Media: Take advantage of it

Visual content that is used to sell physical products can enhance their appeal.

Add YouTube videos and images of products to your content. This will increase conversions and engagement. Include the following visuals in your content:

  1. Your landing page can include high-resolution images or videos
  2. Stock photos are not as effective as real-life product images
  3. Media to segment your blog posts

The ClickFunnels Editor allows you to easily add images and videos to your funnels.

  • Step 1: Log in to your ClickFunnels Account
  • Step 2: Navigate to the funnel
  • Step 3: Select the step that you wish to add media to.
  • Step 4: Drag and Drop media elements into the desired location
  • Step #5: Click on the Save button
Good example of using media thorought the funnel

Use Catchy Headlines

Only 20% of people read the sales copy.

To take your funnel to the top, you must make sure that the headline and content are working together.

ClickFunnels’ Physical Product Funnel is successful when it has engaging email subject lines, attractive landing pages and valuable content pages.

Focus on your customer and build an emotional connection.

Impress your readers with incredible statistics and savings. Make the reader feel like they’re part of something special.

Keep it short, personal, and valuable. Avoid giving away too much information by using headlines that ask questions.

ClickFunnels Amazing Headline Generator App

You can provide social proof

57% of consumers only purchase from companies with a four-star rating or higher. 97% claim that online reviews have an influence on their decision. In a world of reviews that buyers trust, it is important to include testimonials as part of your sales funnel. This is especially important for first-time buyers of physical products.

Consider requesting testimonials via email or Facebook from satisfied customers. Social media is a great place to find positive comments about your brand. Affiliate reviews can be obtained from people who are able to offer them.

Encourage your customers for feedback. Testimonials increase your credibility and improve your chances to gain future sales.

Build Trust

Selling physical products online requires trust. You can gain trust by using the simplest elements of your funnel. For example, a refund policy that is solid and a verification seal. Your brand will appear successful if you are confident about your product or service.

There are many different refund policies, so be sure to include a guarantee with each sale. Be sure to stress this to show your customers that you are committed to your product.

The certification seal is a simple, visual indicator of trust that assures buyers of your integrity.

Secure payment & 30-day guarantee at the bottom of check-out page

Demonstrate how the product works

How-tos, educational content and visuals can make a huge difference in terms of conversions. It doesn’t matter if you have a great product, unless you can demonstrate it.

Include tutorial videos with your physical products. Content that demonstrates how to use the product is also an option. Before-and-after photos and videos of your product are very popular.

You could also use videos to compare your product with another and explain its advantages. Such content can help you expand your funnel, identify keywords, and establish yourself as an expert resource.

Video explaining how the advertised service works

Bottom Line

Use headlines that are catchy to draw people into your funnel. You want them to come in and not be scared away. Remember building customer trust, and positive feedback.

Provide content that adds value. Show your product in action, and give useful advice. Customers should be made to feel appreciated and that they are in safe hands.

ClickFunnels can help you increase your conversions. templates, split tests, and integrations are all tools that can help you market and sell your product.

You can also add videos and images in order to create a engaging, high-convertingg sales funnel for physical products.

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