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Conversion rates will increase when you use ClickFunnels for surveys and quizzes.

This is a lead generation method that categorizes customers based on their segments. This will ultimately provide you with valuable data about your target audience.

Interactive tools like quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires can also be fun to use. They increase customer engagement.

You can use the information you collect to improve your business practices.

Use Quizzes in ClickFunnels to Get the Most Out of Your Business

We are experts at sales funnels and pipelines. We have found that questionnaires provide valuable insights about the demographics of your target market.

These statistics can greatly improve business and convert prospects into paying customers.

The Content Marketing Institute conducted a study in 2016 that showed 81% customers engage more with interactive content.

Your website visitors will be more likely to engage with your business if you present them with an quiz. ClickFunnels’ quiz-creation tool is designed to capture and hold the attention of users.

Once you have customers who are willing to participate in surveys and provide feedback, you can analyse the information.

ClickFunnels’ quizzes, surveys and other interactive services have all of the features you need to track leads as well as create a customized experience.

Our experts tested the ClickFunnels service for quiz creation and identified the three main benefits. Take a look at the details:

Custom Quiz Outcome

Users can alter the outcome of the survey based on leads’ responses. This feature allows the user to have a more personalized experience.

A customized result gives the lead an idea of importance and value . This will hopefully increase conversion.

is a simple to create a quiz result. The user can add multiple results in the form messages or text.

This text will appear to leads at the end their survey. The survey answers will separate leads into different segments, and each segment will receive a customized message.

Follow these steps if you want to add a custom outcome.

Step 1. After you have created your survey, select the ‘edit page’ option on your funnel page. Hover your mouse over the survey element and click’settings’ when it turns orange.

Step 2. Click on the “edit survey options” tab. The third option is “outcomes”. Click on the corresponding button.

Step 3. Add a title for the outcome based on your lead segment.

Step 5 – Add a condition to the result by clicking ‘add condition’.

Step 5. Select the conditional questions and answers for the customized result on the two drop down menus.

Step 6. Continue to select the action for the page. This is the action ClickFunnels will perform before it shows the result to the lead. The page action options include:

  • After loading, the page redirects
  • Instant Page Redirect
  • Hide Survey
  • Submit Page (form)
  • Open Popup

Survey Tracking Pixels

When a user submits a response, they can activate their Google or Facebook Tracking Pixels.

Users can add users to audiences based on the responses from surveys. This tool is great for segmenting the traffic into targeted groups.

Add a new survey trigger by following these 6 easy steps:

  • Step 1. Click on the second tab in settings called ‘Triggers’.
  • Step 2. Click on “add new trigger” and give it a name of your choice.
  • Step 3. Select an existing question from the drop-down list and the appropriate answer.
  • Step 5 –Once you have selected your Q&A, click on ‘actions” to the right and then select “Facebook Pixel”. Make sure that your Facebook Pixel has the ‘On’ option selected.
  • Step 5. Add a trigger name for your Facebook Pixels.
  • Step 6 –You may follow the same steps to add a Google Tag. Remember that the Google Tag Manager trigger name should match the GTM event.

Share Survey Results

This feature is excellent as it allows users to send a report directly to their leads. No need to be concerned about complicated e-mail integrations. ClickFunnels allows you to easily configure your email for this feature . The’sharing’ results feature is excellent for building customer relationships through enhancing the personal experience.

Use these simple steps for delivering survey results to leads:

Step 1. Click on the third tab in settings called ‘Outcomes’.

Step 2. Select ‘Default Outcome’ and change the page action from ‘open popup’ to:

  • A button that performs the action’submit page’
  • Email address input field

Step 4 –Generate Email Merge Tags: It’s worth checking the page from an incognito browser to make sure it works.

Step 5 – After testing, scroll down the page to “Additional Info” and copy the label for the question and answer. Paste it into the merge tag.

Labels must only contain lowercase alphabets, and without spaces. You can use something like – #answer_35648_rgty7#

How to Create a Quiz Funnel in ClickFunnels

Creating quizzes is simple, and intuitive. You can create an optimized quiz, survey or questionnaire in just a few simple steps. Our experts have created a guide that you can follow when using ClickFunnels.

Step 1: Add Element

Click on the tab ‘elements” at the top of the ClickFunnels dashboard to add a survey. You can also add it to your page by hovering your mouse over the area you wish to place the link. Click on the plus symbol – Advanced Forms – Survey.

Step 3: Add questions and answers

It’s time to spice things up. Click on the new element: Survey Settings – Edit survey options – Add questions.

You can customize the following options within the ‘Add Questions” setting:

  • Question
  • Subtitle
  • Thumbnails are small images or text.
  • Layout
  • Radio (circle, square, lettered, numbered, hide)

You can add as many questions you want using images and text. You can add as many questions as you want, but they will all be multiple-choice. You can create question groups in order to narrow down your target audience. You can add answers by clicking on the ‘Add Answers’ button.

Step 4: What Next?

You can optimize your leads and questions by selecting the answer redirect option after you’ve entered all of your answers.

Step 4. Review and Publish

Before publishing, review and edit the questions and question groups.

How to Create a great quiz funnel on ClickFunnels

Our experts spent months testing various quiz types in order to determine the best strategies that will ensure maximum engagement. Here are some tips for creating a great quiz:

Make sure your quiz is fun, interactive, and relevant

Your quiz must be engaging. You must ask questions that are fun, interactive and relevant.

Create quizzes for your jewelry e-commerce site. Leads can select their favorite designs and pieces. Use vivid, and images of high quality in order to grab their attention.

Based on the answers they will receive a recommendation for a beautiful piece of jewelry that suits their style.

Give a follow-up offer based on quiz results

Offer your leads discounts or bonuses based on the results of the survey. one-off offers and customized services can also be offered if you are able to identify their needs.

You can guide your leads to the service or product they want by using a quiz funnel.

Our experience shows that leads are more likely to purchase products or services if you customize the quiz to meet their specific needs based on survey responses.

Bottom Line

You can turn leads into paying customers quickly by executing a quiz. ClickFunnels is a great software that will help you generate leads for your business. Higher conversion rates can be achieved by customizing quiz results.

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