ClickFunnels Vs Clickbank

What are the main differences between ClickFunnels vs ClickBank? Which is better for you to choose? This article will introduce both platforms and compare them. We will also look at their respective fields of operation.

ClickBank offers a good marketplace for affiliates who want to promote and sell products. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel software that helps you build and grow an online business.


ClickFunnels, founded in 2014, offers users a tool to create online sales funnels.

The platform is designed to assist businesses in marketing, selling, and delivering their products online.

With pre-built options for funnels, users can simplify various aspects of their online business conveniently on a single platform.


ClickBank was founded in 1998 and is one of the oldest platforms online.

This is an online market that links digital content creators and affiliate marketers, with a focus on digital products.

ClickBank acts as a intermediary between affiliates and product vendors.

ClickFunnels and ClickBank: A Quick Comparison

ClickFunnels ClickBank
Try it for Free Yes, 14 days. No.
Pricing Range Standard Plan – $97
Platinum Plan – $297
TwoCommaClubX $2,490
Plan is free for a limited period, otherwise $99 per monthly
Best for Lead and sales funnels.
Increase traffic and conversion rates.
Marketplace for affiliates.
Content creators can now sell their products online.
Page Builder Webinar Funnels
Order Pages
Upsell Pages
Downsale Pages
Membership Funnels
Auto Webinar Funnels
Fully Customizable Pages
Unlimited Pages & Products
Download Unlimited Templates
Drag & Drop Template Builder
Full Template Library
Pages that are fully customizable
The Most Notable Features Webinar Funnels
Order Pages
Upsell Pages and Downsell Pages
Sales Funnels
Membership Funnels
Auto Webinar Funnels
All Advanced Funnels
Share Your Funnels
Priority Support and Template Requests
Custom Domains
A/B Split Testing
Email Integration
Marketplace Features
Marketplace Search
Calculate your Earnings
Marketplace Categories
Sales Tools
Affiliate Finder
Account Management
Product Management

ClickFunnels offers more features than ClickBank. It is important to remember that the two platforms have different features.

ClickBank offers a complete marketplace to affiliate marketers. It might be a better option if that’s your gig.

ClickFunnels offers different packages that offer different features.

ClickFunnels offers a complete system for sales, marketing and funnel building. ClickBank, a product and ecommerce platform with a wide range of features is also available.

ClickFunnels and ClickBank Pricing Comparison

ClickFunnels Pricing :

  • Standard plan begins at $97 per monthly or $997 annually. Includes drag-and drop editor, predesigned funnels and sub-page creation features. It allows one user, up to 20 funnels and 100 pages. The standard plan does not include features like follow-up funnels or multiple users. It also doesn’t support unlimited pages and funnels.
  • The Platinum Plan starts at $297 per monthly or $2,997 annually. This plan includes drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed funnels. The plan allows up to three users and unlimited pages and funnels. Users can choose from nine domains, and nine payment gateways.
  • TwoCommaClubX starts at $2497 per monthly. It also includes drag-and drop editor, predesigned funnels and sub-page creator. The plan allows 10 sub-users. It also includes unlimited funnels and landing pages, priority phone support, and VIP support. Users can connect as many domains and payment gateways as they want.

ClickBank Pricing:

  • ClickBank charges a $49.95 activation fee. This fee is due when the first product of a ClickBank Vendor is approved. ClickBank will waive the fee if it does not approve the product. A $2.50 fee is charged for each pay period. The fee is charged for every payment made to the user. There is also a fee of $0.50 or $1 on most refunds.

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ClickFunnels and ClickBank: Comparison of Features

You are trying to decide whether ClickFunnels is better for your marketing platform or ClickBank.

Each platform has its own benefits. ClickBank helps you find affiliate offers that you can promote.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, helps you grow your business online by using lead and sales channels.

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Funnel Builder

ClickFunnels has been a leading platform for building funnels. ClickBank acts as a middleman for affiliates and affiliate marketing, but funnel building isn’t its main function.

Which platform offers the best solution for building funnels?

  • ClickFunnels is the best funnel-building tool, as it was built specifically for this purpose. ClickBank has a funnel builder that is relatively easy to use, but the tool is not as powerful and it’s not the main reason why the platform exists.

Page Builder

ClickFunnels is a more comprehensive page builder, compared to ClickBank. ClickBank is better suited for landing pages or ‘pitch pages’.

What is the best platform for building pages?

  • ClickFunnels Page Builder is best if you need more than a simple landing page. The drag-and drop page builder is incredibly simple to use and comes with a lot of extras. ClickBank does NOT support sites hosted on free websites.

Sales & Marketing Features

ClickFunnels offers better marketing and sales features. ClickBank is a better choice if your primary focus is affiliate marketing.

Which platform offers better sales & marketing solutions?

  • ClickFunnels is a better solution for sales and marketing. ClickBank is the best marketplace for affiliate marketing if your goal is to monetize primarily through this method.

E-Commerce Features

ClickFunnels has a lot of great features for e-commerce.

Which platform offers better E-commerce features?

  • ClickFunnels offers better features for businesses in the e-commerce sector. Storefront Funnel is one of these features. Other features include up-selling and the ability for you to create stunning landing pages. You can take your ecommerce business to the next level with follow-up sales channels.

Analytical Features

ClickFunnels integrates Google Analytics. ClickBank’s in-house analytics tool is adequate, but not as good (or as accurate) as Google Analytics.

Which platform offers better analytics features?

  • Google Analytics has far more features. ClickFunnels is the winner by default. ClickBank’s real time transaction analysis feature is fantastic because affiliates can make graphs and charts and sales are immediately visible. It only allows you to view a 120 day history of activity. Remember that Google Analytics can be used for any website including ClickBank landing pages.

Customization Features

ClickFunnels offers a greater range of customization options due to its additional features. ClickBank still offers enough customization options for its intended use.

Which platform offers better customization features?

  • ClickFunnels It offers a variety of integrated services, including sales, marketing and e-mail campaigns. It offers more customization options because of this.ClickBank does not lack customization features. It is adequate for what ClickBank is aiming to do, which is a network of affiliate marketers.

Final Thoughts

  • You should choose ClickFunnels for: software that allows you to create highly effective sales channels. ClickFunnels offers both marketing and sales features to increase traffic and conversions, as well as generate leads. You can pause the account at any time.
  • ClickBank is the right choice if you’re an affiliate marketer. ClickFunnels is a better option if you’re in the ecommerce business.

With all of its integrated services, ClickFunnels offers the best solution for all businesses .

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