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If you are looking for the best digital marketing platform that can be used to build modern-day funnels, it is important to compare ClickFunnels to Kyvio.

ClickFunnels was created primarily for entrepreneurs as a tool to create websites and sales funnels. Kyvio (currently known as Funnelvio) is a platform which allows you to easily create membership sites and sales channels.

This article will allow you to make a thorough comparison between the two platforms. Knowing all the details will make it easier to choose the best platform!


ClickFunnels, a popular funnel builder is designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating sales platforms and websites.

The ClickFunnels Platform allows users to easily host online courses by using automated emails, landing pages, and videos. These funnels make it simple for page creators to facilitate buyers’ decisions .

Kyvio (Funnelvio)

Funnelvio is currently based on the Kyvio Platform, therefore our focus will be Funnelvio.

Funnelvio, a new tool that allows users to build sales funnels at an accelerated speed, is a very versatile tool.

Create a sales funnel with just three clicks. ‘s built-in check out system allows users to sell their products more effectively.

ClickFunnels and Kyvio: A Quick Comparison

ClickFunnels Kyvio
Try it for Free Yes, 14 days. Yes, 30 days.
Pricing Range ClickFunnels – $97 per month
Platinum – $297 a month
Two Comma Club X – $2,497 per month
Kyvio Previous options
Basic – $29. per month
Business – $69 per Month
Pro – $149 per month

Current Funnelvio Promotion:
Personal – $87
Commercial – $97 (can be discounted by $10 using a code).

Best for This program is aimed at entrepreneurs and businesses with 10-50 employees, and revenue between $1M and $10M. The platform is primarily targeted at coaches and trainers. It is easy to create websites, email marketing campaigns, and funnels with the platform.
The Most Notable Features Bundles of courses
Course reviews
Customizable designs
Bulk e-mail
Domains customisable
Affiliate Marketing
Single Sign-On (SSO),
Downloadable courses are available in a variety of media formats.
Built-in Checkout
Faster loading speeds
Pre-designed 160 pages
Share with one click for cloning, publishing and re-publishing
Unlimited funnels
Page importer
Sending welcome e-mails out to customers

Comparing the following key features is essential when deciding which platform will best suit your business.

  • ClickFunnels allows you to build online courses, and use sales channels effectively for marketing online materials. Funnelvio has a built-in user-friendly checkout system.
  • Funnelvio comes with an tracking feature, so you won’t need to purchase or download any other tools. It’s easy to track and set specific goals for each funnel.
  • Funnelvio’s current promotion offers a better price than ClickFunnels’ usual pricing.
  • ClickFunnels caters to entrepreneurs while Funnelvio is for coaches and trainers who need a comprehensive website for their course materials.

Funnelvio boasts faster loading times than any other platform, and 160 pre-designed templates with one-click options for cloning.

ClickFunnels vs. Kyvio (Funnelvio): Pricing Comparison

ClickFunnels Pricing

  • ClickFunnels $97 per month– This plan allows you to create 100 sub-pages in each funnel. Each page can only have one sub-user with admin rights and login permissions. This plan does not include a weekly peer review.
  • ClickFunnels platinum – $297 per monthly. Unlimited funnels and sites. There are three logins per account. There are nine payment gateways and domain options to accommodate multiple brands or products.
  • ClickFunnels ClubX Two Comma – $2497 per Month – The ClickFunnels top option gives users unlimited funnels and pages. Up to 10 sub users can be added, with each having their own login and admin rights. There are also 27 domains available.

Kyvio (Funnelvio), Pricing:

  • Personal: $87 (one-time payment for lifetime access)– This plan is the entry-level and allows users to create 5 websites, with unlimited pages and funnels. Also, 20,000 people can view your landing pages each month. The Page Importer is included in this plan for the first twelve months. The Page Importer will cost $37 per month extra after the first 12 months.
  • Commercial: $97 for a one-time payment (lifetime access).– Users can create 50 websites, with unlimited web pages and funnels. Page Importer comes free for the first year of the Personal Plan. This allows you to receive an impressive 100,000 monthly visitors. Page Importer is available for $37 more per month, or the same as the Personal Plan.

The decision is easy to make when it comes time to decide which platform is the most cost-effective.

  • Funnelvio offers unlimited funnels and websites, but it also gives you access to the Smart Academy and unlimited traffic.
  • Funnelvio’s pricing is much more affordable for new businesses.

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ClickFunnels and Kyvio (Funnelvio), a comparison of features and tools

What you want the platform to do for you will determine how many features you need.

Consider features such as sales and marketing, customisation, analytics and ecommerce. Continue reading to compare the features of each platform.

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Funnel Builder

Ideal is a feature that makes it easy to build a funnel. The platform will be more user-friendly if it requires less knowledge. The more user-friendly a platform is, the more it will be popular.

Which platform offers the best solution for building funnels?

  • The funnel-building feature is also difficult to distinguish from the other platform.
  • Both platforms place a high priority on the ease of use and navigation for users. Both platforms feature drag-and drop editors and upsells that are available with a single click.
  • ClickFunnels’ funnel builder has a more intuitive interface, with more guidance.

Page Builder

ClickFunnels is not perfect when it comes to page creation. The speed of page loading is the most important factor. Both platforms, on the other hand offer a very similar experience when it comes to page creation.

What is the best platform for building pages?

  • Both platforms perform similarly. Funnelvio has a faster loading speed.

Sales & Marketing Features

How a platform promotes its users’ content is a crucial aspect to consider. ClickFunnels provides users with different bundles including checkouts, webinars and email marketing automated.

Funnelvio may be hailed as the ultimate solution for digital marketing, but ClickFunnels offers no other marketing features. The software lacks features like webinars, surveys, and marketing automations.

Which platform offers better sales & marketing solutions?

  • ClickFunnels has more features & tools for sales & marketing.

E-Commerce Features

We live in an age of digital advances, so the more that we can buy and do online, the better. This includes courses. Users are looking for accessibility and simplicity.

Which platform offers better E-commerce features?

  • ClickFunnels offers the most basic features to help you get started in e-commerce. Funnelvio wins the round because it offers more friendly features such as check-outs and payments, better stock management, and supports multiple currencies.

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Analytical Features

It is important to have analytical features in order to determine visitor demographics.

This will tell you whether your course content is reaching the right audience.

Funnelvio, on the other hand, has its own tracking system.

Which platform offers better analytics features?

  • Google Analytics is an extremely popular tool that’s used in many online platforms as a tracker. Funnelvio’s Track and Improve feature, however, allows creators of funnels to track individual progress and gain insight into their funnels. Users can track different goals for each funnel. This platform makes analytics easier and more efficient.

Customization Features

Platforms with customizable features are very attractive because each website and course is unique.

The more customizable a platform, the more content a creator will be able to create.

Which platform offers better customization features?

  • Both platforms offer similar customization options – both offer more than 100 funnel templates and the ability to change the design.

Final Thoughts

  • ClickFunnels is the best choice if your business requires a platform that allows you to easily create funnels. ClickFunnels is focused on increasing conversion rates.
  • If you are looking for a marketing tool that includes a built-in checkout and advanced ecommerce features, choose Funnelvio.

Both platforms are excellent. It is important to remember that ClickFunnels has been around for a while and Kyvio is still in beta testing. Funnelvio has a more innovative approach to basic features such as the check-out, cart, and stock management.

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