ClickFunnels Vs Ontraport

You may compare ClickFunnels and Ontraport when looking for a digital marketing solution that is all-in one.

It can be difficult to choose between the two platforms because they offer so many features and packages.

ClickFunnels offers a complete business solution, including a tool for creating sales funnels.

Ontraport removes the technology burden so that small businesses can showcase their value.

You’ll see below the comparison between ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport.


ClickFunnels offers a range of services that are self-hosted.

  • Website Builder
  • Landing pages, funnels and landing pages
  • Affiliate management system
  • E-mail marketing platform
  • Members-only sites
  • Web hosting

ClickFunnels is available for $97 per month.


Ontraport offers a complete CRM and marketing solution.

  • Website Builder
  • Landing pages, funnels and landing pages
  • Affiliate management system
  • E-mail marketing platform
  • Members-only sites
  • Web hosting

The monthly cost of Ontraport is $79

ClickFunnels and Ontraport Compared at a Glance

ClickFunnels Ontraport
Try it for Free Yes, you can extend your 14-day period. Yes, 14 days.
Pricing Range (Monthly) Standard – $97
Platinum – $297
TwoCommaClubX $2,497
Basic – $79/month
Plus – $147/month
Pro – $297/month
Enterprise – $497/month
Best for Who wants a sales funnel and business tool that is all-in-one? Who wants a CRM and marketing software all in one that will help grow their business?
Page Builder Drag-and-drop interface
Easy to use
User Interface Friendly
There are many tutorials on the internet.
Drag-and-drop interface
Easy to use
User Interface Friendly
There are many tutorials on the internet.
The Most Notable Features Create sales funnels with these tools
Website Builder
Members-only sites
Online store funnels to help you sell more products
Web hosting
Affiliate management system
E-mail marketing platform
Hosting webinars
Automates sales, marketing and operational tasks
Industry-leading, built-in landing page builder
Automated email campaigns
All data in one place.
Lead management.
Payment gateways with multiple options and e-commerce options

Both platforms are excellent for creating automated marketing systems. However, they have some key differences.

  • Ontraport provides multi-channel, fast support for all accounts.
  • Ontraport provides detailed reporting for sales, refunds and lead activity. You can gain more insight with this granular reporting.
  • ClickFunnels’ Follow-Up Funnels Tool is only available with the Platinum Plan.
  • Both platforms let you host a membership site. Ontraport, however, offers some management features such as WordPress integration and Customer Center.

Ontraport offers a complete solution for automating marketing tasks, such as payment and refund issues.

ClickFunnels and Ontraport Pricing Comparison

On first glance, ClickFunnels’ and Ontraport’s pricing levels are very similar. When you consider hidden costs, Ontraport provides much more value for the same price.

This section will compare the pricing of both platforms, and we will draw your attention towards any hidden fees or characteristics.

ClickFunnels Pricing :

  • Standard Plan : $97/month. You can create up to 20 funnels, as many landing pages as you want, and three custom domains. There are many training and course options.
  • Gold Plan: This plan costs $297/month, and allows you to create unlimited sales funnels and landing pages. You can also use custom domains and contacts. There is no limit on how many unique visitors are allowed per month.

Ontraport Pricing:

  • Basic costs $79/month. It allows you to store up 1,000 contacts and send an unlimited number of emails.
  • plus costs $147/month. It allows you to store up 2,500 contacts, and send unlimited emails.
  • Pro : This version costs $297/month, and allows you to store up 10,000 contacts. You can also send unlimited emails.
  • Enterprise : This version costs $497 per month and allows you to store up 20,000 contacts. You can also send 200,000 emails each month.

ClickFunnels is a great tool for automating e-mails and marketing. You’ll need to purchase eMail delivery software to send the emails you create. Ontraport, on the other hand, allows you to send emails directly from the platform.

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ClickFunnels and Ontraport: Features and Tools Comparison

It is important to compare features and consider the platform that is most cost-effective. It is also important to compare the prices of similar features between platforms, and determine if extra services are needed.

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Funnel Builder

ClickFunnels, and Ontraport both offer drag-and drop editors and templates that can be easily customized.

Which platform offers the better solution for building funnels?

  • ClickFunnels has more templates and is more intuitive.
  • Ontraport, on the otherhand, allows you to create unlimited funnels irrespective of your account level. ClickFunnels Standard limits you to 20 funnels. You will also need to upgrade your account to Platinum ($297/month), if you wish to access the email marketing tool (follow-up funnels).

Page Builder

ClickFunnels allows you to create pages with drag-and drop editors and premade templates.

Which platform offers better solution for building pages?

  • ClickFunnels makes it easier to create simple landing page.
  • Ontraport is integrated with WordPress and you can use a drag-and drop page builder. WordPress, however, is an extra expense.

Sales & Marketing Features

You can create emails and add them to the funnels using either platform.

Which platform offers better sales & marketing solutions?

  • ClickFunnels wins this category, offering a very focused marketing and selling approach using funnels.
  • This platform is centered around creating well-converting sales funnels. It has a variety of features designed to optimize the sales and marketing process.

E-Commerce Features

Both platforms are capable of handling your sales. However, Ontraport provides a more efficient way to manage your pipeline.

Which platform offers better E-commerce features?

  • ClickFunnels has basic E-commerce functions, but running a company is more than accepting payments. Ontraport automates all internal sales tasks, including refunds and payment issues.
  • Ontraport is a complete solution for managing sales in your business.

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Analytical Features

Ontraport is the best at this. ClickFunnels has good analytics, but Ontraport really excels.

Which platform offers better analytics features?

  • Ontraport provides detailed reporting, holistic information, and customizable charts to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your sales pipelines. You can monitor sales, refunds, customer and lead activity, page views, email stats and more.
  • Upgrade to the Platinum Plan to get access to “Follow Up Funnels” and analyze social media leads behavior.

Customization Features

ClickFunnels is a great option for beginners. It offers an easy set of features that are appealing. Ontraport has many more advanced features to support your growing business.

Which platform offers better customization features?

  • ClickFunnels offers a drag and drop editor, which makes it easy to create landing pages and funnels. Both have templates you can modify in their marketplaces.

Ontraport offers you complete design flexibility as well as more advanced features, such a showing visitors customized, unique pages based on the visitor’s purchase history, interests, or demographic data.

Customer Support

ClickFunnels provides live chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also email or submit tickets 24/7.

ClickFunnels strives to respond to all queries within 24 business hours during the week, but there is the option of extending wait times over the weekend.

There is a ClickFunnels Facebook Group that covers a wider range of questions (basically any subject).

You rely on other users, not ClickFunnels’ staff, when using it. This contact method does not guarantee quality or wait time.

Ontraport provides support via a comprehensive Support Center, Facebook group, live chat, email and an extensive knowledge base. Support is available Monday through Thursday, 6 AM – 12 AM PST. Friday, 6 AM – 9 PM. Weekends, 9 AM -9 PM. Live support is also closed on Wednesdays between 1:30 and 2:30 PM.

Ontraport customer service is accessible and intuitive, despite its odd hours.

Final Thoughts

  • ClickFunnels is the best choice if you are looking for a dedicated sales funnel builder and landing page creator that’s easy to use, or if your website is not based on WordPress.
  • Select Ontraport If: you’re looking for a marketing and CRM system that will help you grow your company, especially if it already has a WordPress site.

Ontraport and ClickFunnels may seem similar in price, but closer inspection reveals that Ontraport is different because it covers more than just funnels.

ClickFunnels’ easy-to-use builder of landing pages and sales funnels is a great feature. ClickFunnels is the best choice if you are looking to build funnels.

Ontraport offers a complete solution. This software allows you to design and send e-mails with no additional integrations. Ontraport allows you to automate sales and workflows without the need for other tools.

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